I lost a dear friend not long ago. Because he had no children, was single, and had no family nearby, it meant his closest friends stepped in to help him while he was in the hospital. Sadly, he never made it out.

During his stay in the hospital I checked his mail, checked his house, ran errands. At one point I found myself thinking about a building he had on the property that had an electronic lock, a building I didn’t have access to, but I wondered if it was alright during frigid temperatures. I was sitting at home visualizing this lock and as I did so, I saw the combination being tapped out on the keypad. It was a four-number combination. It all came about like a daydream. Simple, no pressure, no expectations.

Today, I met with the executor of my friend’s estate to go over a few things he might need help with. While there he took me down to the building I had seen in my mind’s eye the combination for. I must admit I was keen to see if my earlier impression was right or not. Ever the scientist, you see. And? To my surprise what I saw earlier alone was exactly what the executor used to open the door. I had a slight thrill in that moment, a private one.

What I noted about the original remote view was how easy it all came. I had managed to let this all happen naturally without trying to add anything in or take anything out….it just happened effortlessly and naturally. Moral: it is more likely to be correct if it feels “too easy.”