Years ago as awakening rustled for the first time I was in the midst of trying to answer some questions about a series of close encounters with what I presumed were ET’s and ET craft. I became a member of an online forum of experiencers and contactees in late 2005. Before I departed the forum I knew personally of five people who I either spoke with at some length or later met who had awakenings. I also saw signs of awakening in others who described what was happening to them at the time. I thought it curious that these things were clustered in a community like this.

Parts of my awakening involved an encounter with an ET who I knew was a “counterpart” of someone who I would develop a tellepathic connection with a couple of years later.

I keep bumping into people who describe anything from “gallactic consciousness” to outright ET encounters of the tellepathic kind in the context of awakenings.

Then there were my recent discoveries of how I was able to remote view and then carry on fairly indepth conversations with an ET stemming from a visit I had in the early 90’s which I posted about in the last year here on WTI. While there was no real way to confirm that my conversation contained real information, the ET did point out that it had a “counterpart” alive on earth who I knew. This ET pointed out this person and I later contacted her telling her parts of my initial conversations. The truly unbelievable part to this was what the ET told me that “she” did as work. When I wrote to this “counterpart” she confirmed that she had memories of having been an ET and that she did the exact same work that the ET had said she did. At no point did I have any conversation with the earthly counterpart about her off-earth memories.

A few years ago I had a dream that showed me that I had a life on another planet and that my work was in a marine environment. A year later I would have an experience of speaking tellepathically with an ET while floating in the Pacific off the island of Catalina California (which took place after some release work that my friend Ali Neville helped me with). It felt like lines were opened in the wake of this healing work that she did.

Curious, I have become part of a newer online forum on the topic of consciousness and the ET issue, whose thesis is that most of the phenomena we term “supernatural” tends to sweep psi, reincarnation, NDE’s and the ET issue as part of a spectrum of related elements (awakening to my mind—a more awakened state). I have also seen the same “coincidental” relationships between the ET’s and accelerated consciousness. Many people (more in the past) haltingly admit that they were or are aware of having been an ET. Many report abductions that appear physical (implants have been recovered from a number of them) while others describe nonphysical abduction-type experiences. A recent regression revealed that a dream in 1977 where I was on board a craft was itself one of this nonphysical “astral” abductions, a phenomenon I had never heard about but which a reader described in the comments section of a recent post about this experience. I have one friend who says, “I’m not into ET’s” and yet she communicates with them and the suggestion is she may have been one in another life.

This begs the question, are we beginning to see greater awareness about humans as ET’s and might this be one way that we will seed earth with a sense of how normal the ET’s are as part of an expanding awareness that we are not alone in the universe? Or is it that it might just be a consequence of how an expanding awareness reveals lives lived not just on earth but elsewhere.

I’m not suggesting that everyone who experiences awakening will always experience the ET issue. What I am interested in is who else may have had experiences along these lines and what do you think about it?

I will toss in one other item for your consideration, which is how the early Christian Gnostics have books, recently discovered in Egypt (1945) that describe a type of being that fits the modern grey ET perfectly. They describe how they look, they describe how they take people and how they try to breed with humans. They are described as being like gods but really aren’t (can move from place to place quickly and can work what seem to be miracles (but aren’t)). What the Gnostics do is they dig into these beings to a considerable degree and make them into a spiritual presence as much as they are a physical presence as well. All of this clustered around a teacher that is put forward as being Jesus. Jesus himself, no matter what side you come down on in regards to his historic reality, shows signs of having been awakened himself. Other documents in the Nag Hammadi find of 1945 show a group who were well aware of awakening (and kundalini in specific). There is a lot of debate about what this may mean for Christianity’s roots and it’s future. Believers dismiss, scholars argue, and I wonder…

Let me know your thoughts and experience because this is one that I puzzle over a great deal.