I have been having another bout of information overload lately, with material floating in on the ether.

This began while studying the link between awakening, the brain, electrical conductivity in the body, and how this affects consciousness and how the very low-level electrical potential that the body produces as behaving as a transceiver for information that is beyond the body.

It is a simple concept, which is that if the universe is intelligent (see both the ancients and the quantum physicists), then this intelligence is likely to be energetic in nature. If our own bodies are energetic at the signal processing level where the brain is concerned, it stands to reason that what we call psi ability is the shift that can take place when someone becomes more psychic. Most people are born with these gifts, but as we evolve, methods have been developed that are allowing people to tap into their latent potentials, all with some pretty profound results.

When awakening takes hold, there is evidence to suggest that the “latent” aspect of kundalini may in fact lie in what happens when the right and left hemispheres are able to come into a more direct alignment without the left brain serving as a “brake” against the right brain. I had suspected that what I had been feeling with a masculine and feminine quality in consciousness “rising” upward through my body was in some way tied to what I had been doing in meditation, effectively “freeing” the brain to be in greater balance with itself. Later, I would find research that revealed that this actually happens, which is to say that we appear to be left brain dominant at least as far as higher order processes go (like enlightenment). The work of Jill Bolte Taylor in her TED Talk and her book “A Stroke Of Insight” reveals the same support for where nirvana resides at the neurological level (which she identified at being in the right brain). If this is correct, then when many who have awakening experience to some extent or another an increase in psi ability, it may be that psi is linked to the right brain, or to what both hemispheres do when they are allowed to play together in a more natural fashion. But I ask one more question based on my review of some recent material I have been getting lately which is this: when this new state comes online does it also enable our brains to properly process information that we are receiving beyond the physical senses and which may point to the universe as a kind of store house of information?

In the documentary Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible, the journalists look into cases of psi ability and how it can be cultivated or taught.

In the documentary they demonstrate how individuals were able to cause objects suspended in sealed tubes with their minds. Dr. George Weissman, a theoretical physicist has been conducting experiments like this for years and has been able to both show and learn under what conditions a person can induce an object to move in these sealed containers. They took the experiment one step further by placing objects in a sealed container under vacuum where no movement should be possible and people were able to induce movement during their test period even from thousands of miles away. A baseline was created where there was no involvement from the test subject and then an hour long period where the test subject attempted to cause a thing strip of paper balanced over a needle, to move. The result was that the researchers were able to get results that were highly significant, with movement that could not be attributed to anything except the fact that a remote subject was moving the object with their mind. (1:15 minute mark)

The documentary showed how a group of children who, using blindfolds (special blinders that close off all visible light to the eyes) and had learned how to read books using nothing more than their inner sensing capabilities. The demonstrations were quite interesting. From there, they also show similar experiments with individuals trained to “see” blind with detecting shapes, colors, and objects. This project was developed by Nicola Farmer the founder of ICU Foundation in the U.K. She explains the method simply as teaching the children how to tap into the universal energies which they then learn to use for detecting objects without using their eyes but instead their inner eye sensory capability. (1:33 mark) This process involves having the children reach a bright light, and once this is done, the children are able to see all around them despite having special blindfolds (made of a compressible foam that seals off all light). i will point out that I encountered a brilliant white light during meditation, after which a lot began to change in my perception and experience. In Ogden Utah one group is teaching people how to use a technique called “vibravision” to detect colors of objects as well as to read what is written on them. Mike Zeleznick is the founder of Vibravision, MP USA. Here is a video detailing some of their results (it is a promo video meant to get you to want to sign up, so there is that, but these are real examples of what they are doing)

By awakening are we essentially tapping into this field naturally, without training to do so? What would happen if those of us who already have this advantage were to learn these methods? I know that in my own work, I began to spontaneously remote view locations thousands of miles away from me, locations I knew nothing about yet had a very high rate of correct impressions (in the 80-95% range!). While the Hindu say not to pay much attention to these abilities, in an age of deceit and misinformation, skill sets like these could serve to keep our leaders honest. The one most important prerequisite: keeping the mind completely blank. There is no trying, no doing, it is instead by way of a different method, one where it feels as though one is receiving through a completely blank screen of the mind without any need or desire to color the results. If you have any bias or belief about what you are going to find, it will completely twist your results. See? Even the process itself pushes you to be completely honest. This process also requires “doing the inner work” necessary in order to be clear from any competing material that might sway results.

I think that this field is fascinating and points to our true potential, largely untapped, for understanding the nature of consciousness and who we really are beyond just the body.

Thanks for taking a moment to give this a read. If you liked it, let me know!