With the coming of our last lunar alignment in Pisces came a sudden turning within. 
For a few years I have thought of an informal gathering to discuss awakening in a Western context for any and all who are interested in knowing more. While the thought stirred, I knew I was not yet ready for a host of reasons. Some were simple reasons; I have been making renovations in my home and rooms were in flux and not amenable to a comfortable setting. I was myself going through so much change from one moon to the next…it was hard to know how I’d feel once I settled on a time.
All of this became a part of the past and a new feeling emerged; I remember being a young teen and how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at just such a meeting. I knew that the time was right and rich with possibility. With a large alternative community of back to the land folks, old and new hippies, yoga teachers, workshop coordinators and teachers, as well as a rich community of healers of every stripe, I knew it was time.
So I called my friend Diane and we had a chat. We got caught up and as usual, one or the other brought up a random tidbit that the other was looking for. That’s been how our talks have been over the years. Both with their own complimentary experience, I knew I wanted to bring her, or someone like her, to be a part of a dream of mine. 
We settled on a date in April and the posters are made. We will be sending the word out through the community to announce this meeting soon. The hope is to help raise awareness, discuss widely, and enjoy community of those brought together by a common interest.
While the date and time is planned, I have found staying open to the possibilities has always resulted in the most interesting of engagements.
As the Spring moon continues to usher in beginnings and makes ripe so much, I look foward to, and will be reporting back, on how our meeting has gone. Free, with no cost, no agenda save a purpose to help raise awareness at this critical time, it feels like the perfect thing to do.