What is it

you think?

Is it a truth beyond thought

that cracks open the guile

and reaches into your Great Immensity?

There is a great something more, though…an intelligence guiding, coordinating…
So that
As you slip into the flow of your bliss
The multiverse swells around you



And birthing

Your purpose,

Now divinely inspired

And now carried…

Something brought you here

to the place you are


What this is

is a collection

of all actions

birthed from your feeling

and all feeling is how the universe


and responds.


At the base of this

is how your life is unfolding

and the change

is within your grasp

Inside your gasp…

in each moment

rendered by wonder and awe

into divine direction.


We each come to this

and there is plenty of time.

The universe has no start or stop time

but countless opportunities

for ressurection


and hope.


There is no punishment

save what your own feeling does

to you.

To you

and because of you

you are here.


What will this moment bring?

What will your feelings do to you?

Will they raise you up

or cast you down?

It is your choice,

and yours alone.


For thousands of years

we travel this path

from unknowing

to realization

and it is a sacred path

birthed out of profane,

the lotus that must first

rise up out of the mud

to bring its sweet beauty

by blooming.


You will open,

you will be stilled

on that great day.

We all have this great meeting

that follows us like a seed

it just waits for us

when we are ready to tend it

and it bursts into life

as it spreads itself

into its new life.


You cannot make deals with where you are.

You are here because of what you alone have done.

How you have reacted,


and finally acted.

But the action is almost always last

and the core of karma rises

from out of  this.


So look closely

and look honestly.

Honestly alone will be the force

that will deliver you.

No other,

not teacher

or great seer


or guru

will do it.

They can only remind you

maybe nudge your mirror-neurons

to feel as they feel

to perhaps begin to know

a little of what the world is,

to reflect on the dramas of the world…
…We all just want to belong…
This will take all of you

The dark

and the light


and profane

your poorly constructed righteousness

your breathless sex

your big ball of wonder


and ignorance. 
It gladly takes it all

because God knows no shame

nor guilt

as it sees behind the eyes of everything

because you are here.