The best way to see how WordPress is actively censoring information is what it did when I tried to post a link to a video showing how Hillary Clinton has a too aid who has proven ties to radical Muslims.
It could not be posted. After watching the video, I was very concerned and found WP’s denial of the link odd.
So with an odd feeling creeping over me I entered some search terms into WP to see what would happen. I typed  “Hillary Radical Muslim” and got a message that this tag could not be added. I then tried several different versions. No, WordPress refused to let me search using those terms. 
It gets more interesting, though. It let me search using the same terms but using Trump instead. Skewed? Sure looks like it.
I’m going to keep searching to see if this is simply an oversight somehow, but it sure looks weird at this point.  What’s next? My posts disappearing?