There is nothing that cannot be known. The way to know is through your own inner self. But I ask you, who is inquiring within to find the answers? The great stumbling block for so many is that they seek an outer authority for their answers when the answer can absoluteky be found much quicker and with far greater relevance when you use the equipment that you were supplied with. So why not? Most simply do not trust themselves.

Note: trust yourself
Trust and you will find the world opening up to you in ways you didn’t think was possible. Reach into that seeming void and as you do, you will feel the stuff of the universe will flow through you as your mind very quickly learns how to spin thread out of the ether. That thread will be the assemblage that you seek. 
You must trust, you might need to believe it is possible first. Breathe deep and begin to let go, let your rational mind go blank. Then feel into it. What comes up? Images, words, thoughts? 
It might take some time to work through the noise and static, but as you do, you will break through into states of pitched clarity, of certainties. Follow those, find ways to verify them and test them to see how close you are. Everyone is different in what part of the spectrum they are sensitive in, or b best focused with. Empty yourself of expectation and practice.
As you do, you will begin to trust in the only authority that is really ever relevant: yourself.
Sleep well, my bearers of light….