Occasionally I read on my feed on WordPress about the subject of ascension, and I have to say that there are a lot of imaginative people trying to figure out this new “ism” that really isn’t an ism….but sure feels like it, and how they think it works. 

It’s the new big idea about which much is said but so little is known. 5-D densities?  Motherships hovering in the astral?  You can find it all here under the great tent of ascended masters. When it comes to an unknown, we often like to fill that void with something, anything that feels right to us…. even if it’s sheer fantasy. 

It’s the new religion that does not involve much knowledge, experience, or need for questioning. But it sure sounds good. And in our world substance is easily sidelined by the fantastical. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the guy who thinks all this talk about the false self, illusion, & ego death is a bunch of poorly understood sophisms that never seems to get high enough on anyone’s radar for them to be able to examine it enough to really see just how flawed it all is. 
Yes to intuition and yes to feeling around for it, but testing the ideas and making observations to vet the theory or idea is kind of important. So if it’s extra dimensional beings, get a group of people to separately remote view them and see if your notes agree. Otherwise we all look like New Age quacks, loons, and kooks. 

I have spent years writing down my own visionistic experiences, and when I find that my words are being echoed by, say, scriptures or hymns in the Vedas that I had never read before, or find that my observations on the methods for shedding trauma from the light body is beginning to be mirrored in physical therapeutic practices by doctors and therapists, then I know I am on to something. Possibly.

The reality is that I think we can and are anything we want to be, and the illusions that we create in our lives are all entirely real (but only in a limited fashion). But I also know that we have chosen certain focuses in reality through countless creations/lives.
These created illusions though are lesser-made constructions that are easily swept away while the enduring light of the Great Mystery, the Tao, remains. It is the difference between the art made by a tenth grader and a graduate student: both are lovely and wonderful, but one is more insightful, mature, and even aware.
Yes, I see that all that we do here is entirely creative, but some creations simply fit divine alignment better and will be slow to be swept aside. We are all learning how to handle energy properly in all of its manifestations….from physical manipulation in our environment, to using thought, emotion, and higher order energy for all manner of things to bring each the fulfillment we each seek.

I feel anything is possible and higher order consciousness is here watching us, which includes sentient remote viewers from other worlds both physical and non. 
But this talk of ascension is like pretending we know what’s on the other side of the bridge while we have yet to walk to its other side….the truth is that what lies there is not so much a different world, but a different mind set, which has everything to do with perception. 

The path to the other side is by way of radical self honesty. It leads to a simpler life and a simpler way to be, even as awareness expands to bring in vast storehouses of knowing and experience. It remains startlingly….simple.

It’s as though we are still hung up on the proto-Christian myth of Christ’s Ascension, still thinking that the event was about his lifting up into the clouds where he will return someday. It’s a lovely bit of myth, this story, which took a very real reality and turned it so it became a fairy tale, which most have swallowed wholesale and regurgitate simply because and they then never dig deeper into their souls to grasp what the Ascension was really all about. 

Christ’s ascension was in truth a lifetime of diligent work done to free himself of the hitches that trouble most people who slumber and are trapped in the only world they know; a sensory realm that speaks only of the impermanence of the world and the suffering it seems to cause. There was no event, no moment, when it all happened. So to say  that the planet will enter 5-D vibration misses the point: there is no event to be had because we are already there in some aspect of ourselves. Christ entered a state where his infinite soul already existed in all time. If you read the stories the church tried to marginalize through claiming they were heretical, you get to see him talking to followers about this. He even says how hard it was even for him to reach it!

We are here to know ourselves. This focus shows and offers us a unique opportunity to merge or marry flesh with soul to create a new synthesis of being. When this begins to happen, you can quickly see that body was made for soul and soul in this focus is the body. The body is a perfect vehicle for challenging and then overcoming our shame about ourselves, our bodies, our sexuality,our identities as fleshy creatures, right along with desires, which many believe are the source of suffering. I could love that our world would become a paradise but my visits in the future show me that it probably isn’t possible. I remain aware, though, that there may be dimensional levels to our experience which enables us to access other probabilities, but I’m busy working on that one can and will not be writing about a theory until I observe facts that appear to support such a notiin or theory.
This place is like high school. There are too many underclassmen coming in who are still wet around the collar, continuously diluting the tide of sensitive insight with ignorance.

That’s because that’s what we do here. We learn to be. But this idea that Ascension is going to somehow do it for us is insane, really. I know someone who I was close to who writes fiction foisted as fact right here on WordPress and this is someone who has awakened. I have counted more deliberate lies in her writing than you could believe. Lies so bad that were she to add a name to them, they would be actionable in a court of law. So ascension? If that is how ascension looks to you, you can keep it.

I will be my typical heyoka self and point out that the hell of one desire contains the opposite within it, which is deliverance through cleansing desire of its shadow so that it rises clean and free, unable to “go” into the suffering that most desire seems to create or cause. Ignoble desire will always crash into hell while it’s opposite will lift you into heaven. And it is here that true ascension works. But it works because we have accepted the muck out of which the great lotus blooms like the yoni that opens to her lover, the penetrating light, twin forces that are never truly seperated in anyone, but appear to divide just so we can learn how to be creators who know how to handle higher order energies more effectively. To do this means you trample all shame. To do this, you must be honest. But out of this noble honesty grows awareness that begins to transcend or opens us to still larger realms. This is what I mean when I say we are more than just this one flesh. 
Such an awareness bears knowing of all other selves. 

The Jenanni is one who knows that they have been ruler, slave, rich, poor, sane, and crazy. This self attains this awareness not by denouncing the flesh but allowing it to serve to no longer be a problem….so it isn’t.

Just don’t think you are here to go beyond body. Here you can go beyond body because it’s part of what you are, but you are many other things too. Once the Great Work is engaged, these worlds open up not as seperate, but concurrent with your own. It is simply another focus. Your light body can show you these worlds through the parts of you that are made to see more than this one focus.

Blood, sweat, shit, and the gold, all exist side by side because it’s there as the raw material of transformation. To know the divine here means you must learn to see how divine your own body is when it creaks and pains you as well as lifting you up on a kundalini-fueled dopamine high. 

This, too, is the heart of tantra. No, I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about rapid and powerful transformation and transmutation that the creative force in us can bring when it’s not just about sex or a fancy position. 

Tantra is the path of liberation by daring to walk straight into the fires of our own self made hell’s to find heaven on the other side. Tantra is the lightening bolt that can heal or it can be a great stumbling block. You decide which it will be. There are awakened people who are so wrapped up in their own self-made lies and delusions that they can’t see things straight. And it’s a joke because for those who gobble their bullshit they have no clue that they are consuming deceit.

Don’t worry, I was there too. I don’t know what I’m not aware of, right? So who know for sure until the karma is healed and a newer clearer self slowly emerges removed block by removed block.

So be human, knowing that the secret of your freedom is hidden within it. The body is the pearl that is cast aside because no one knows the value it contains.

Stop with the excuses; if you lose it, your “loss” will be a great teacher if you let it. Be human and let yourself learn the great secret lying at its core. The path to it is not by way of the senses alone, but rather a balanced beam of Awareness that pulls in sensory and extrasensory experience all at once. 

And where does this all lead? Peace.

Ascension is not understood as long as you treat it like a thing. It isn’t a thing. It is a never ending process that takes lifetimes worth of work to truly refine the self. Buddha’s return over and over in different bodies in order to perfect the self. Even the great teachers return again and again because they too are imperfect. And you know, that’s beautiful.

Have a great weekend, my bearers of light…