When Kundalini was at unimaginable levels and was revving every system in my body I experienced a waking vision or visitation by a being who introduced himself by name and explained he was a seraphim.

He sat down and reached into my heart and when he did a whole series of images flashed through me very quickly. I was shown a series of images/thoughts that came at blinding speed. Some of the images had to do with foods that I should eat.

I had been considering using food and fasting as a way to moderate kundalini just a week before this encounter with my guide who had a habit of waking me up at 4:00 in the morning to show me something or to help me with something that related to my awakening experience.

Here is what I was shown:

Cantaloupe is a good moderator for kundalini when its difficult.

Eggs are a good “calm” way to get a good form of protein. There is something in eggs (enzymes?) that are not present in a pure vegan or vegetarian diet.

Indian Curry is a good modulator for kundalini during the intense stage. Like cantaloupe in cooling things down. I later learned any melon is good. Maybe I was given cantaloupe because it would work best for me?

In my awakening experience, there have been extended periods when I could not eat. Few people believe me when I say this, but I did go through a 6 month period where I didn’t want to eat at all. I did eat one “meal” each week and I did drink a fair amount of tea and plenty of water. My one meal usually consisted of Greek yoghurt. I also had to eat bland foods with little fat or grease. So I often ate grains like oatmeal and corn grits. For a time that was all I could manage. And yes, I did lose muscle but after the “no hunger” period passed, I slowly got back to eating and now I eat like a horse! People say that doing what I did was not physically possible, but I know it happened because I went through it!

You never would have believed that this had even happened had you not been there. However, I did this ONLY because it was my body telling me it needed to do this. But to be clear: I was not physically active during this time. I recognized a very real “drawing down” of my physical exertion. I was very careful about stressing myself physically. This was not part of an eating disorder either. I had no issues about my being thin, for example. This was a phase that came along and I carefully listened to what it was telling me.

For me, I had two fasting experiences. One was short and the other was long. I suspect that the long fast served a very real purpose, and may have been instrumental in bringing about a physiological “reset” of my system. Before this, I had problems related to nausea which I no longer have. Whatever the purpose was, I sense that this was not a “one size fits all” prescription and that it was tailor-made for my own unique set of circumstances.

As a result, don’t attempt fasting unless its clearly what your body needs. And be healthy. When I began my long fast, I lost an amazingly small bit of weight during the time that it was happening—only 10-15 lbs. Given this fact, I think that this was itself a clear indicator that this fast was not destructive to my health. Your results may vary.

Fasting can be a good way to clear body, mind, and energy. Always fast safe. Don’t overdo it and if you have health issues do consult a doctor. Having said that, you can do a full fast for four days or you can do a partial fast which allows for juices and liquid nutrition. There are lots of ways to fast. Some focus on cleansing the digestive track by bringing in fiber to help flush the intestine and colon. Some are described as tonics that include everything from fruit to ginger or dietary supplements.

A four day fast is just long enough to help me clear my digestive system and allows my insides time to be without food. I drink copies amounts of water and I have been known to drink tea.

By the third to fourth day, I can feel my body begin to detox because my skin and breath start smelling differently. My sweat will smell differently, too. I do not work on my fourth day of my fast. I am careful not to exert myself, instead I use this time to be quiet and listen to my body. I feel like this period is one not unlike a death, I know that may seem severe to you, but like any death, I make sure I hold space in reverence for what is happening.

I normally start a fast on Thursday evening and continue over the weekend and I skip work on Monday in order not to stress my system. I am eating again by Tuesday, usually.

I break the fast gently and slowly, first by drinking juices and then adding mini meals until I have increased foods over a two day period. That is how I do it and it works well for me. I will eat something simple the first morning like oats that have been made into oatmeal. I don’t add a lot of flavorings or spices. Then later the same day I might eat half a sandwich with fresh greens and cheeses. I eat a light breakfast the next day and slowly add more to my diet that day until I am eating normalky again. And yes; I have to fight the desire to eat everything in sight! Once I am back up to normal food levels, I eat as much of whatever I like or crave.

I do not fast a lot. Before my fasting period of six months several years ago, I had only fasted once during active kundalini.

The benefits have been better grounding, a clearer mind, clearer energy, and accelerated block removal without the “hot” side to the energetic experience.

I will include that there was a two month period when any hot foods with chili’s in them that were hot would give me a sublime feeling of bliss for a while afterwards.

If there is rawness in the root and/or strong adrenaline (fear) try eating food. My body responded in such a way that these issues went away while eating. If this helps you, carefully observe how you feel when this happens and then use sheer force of will to replicate it naturally without food. Be careful about over eating!

As usual, listen to your body. There have been times when I couldn’t eat meat. There were times I couldn’t eat dairy. I don’t buy into a vegan diet being necessary for kundalini. Clearly this just ain’t so. A lifelong vegetarian that I knew suddenly began feeling prompted to eat meat, which she did….and it helped a lot.

Are there any foods or dietary habits that help you? Please be sure to share!