So prescient for me….as this issue rolls around in my heart and mind this morning. I have found that while we do need to know about it, the part of us that is able to heal it is not the part of us that is enmeshed in our 3-d world and mind. Our minds are filled with so many things, so much cognitive dissonance, that if we rely on that part of ourselves, we often get lost. But so true, we use karma to our own ends and seek to define it based on who we are rather than on what it actually is. Anais Nin once said “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”

There is a trigger for releasing negative karma, and when enough of it is released, it tends to create a kind of cascade effect (for me, anyway) where the experience of the lightening of the load creates an awareness of how much better things can be for us….and it fuels a kind of grace-filled willingness to see the rest of what remains in order to clean it up. It also has the result of bearing greater awareness. The result of this “work” (surrender) can be remarkable because when a cord is healed or released, it opens others who were part of that cord to be healed too. Sounds like magic, but if you know about Ho’oponopo and Dr. Hew Len’s interview here: you can see how a simple act if cleaning it up in yourself can benefit others.

The interesting thing I have found in common with my own process of clearing karma and the process that Len uses is that in each single instance, it always involved an act of forgiveness. Each time that I would approach some karmic tangle, I would begin by thinking I would need to forgive the person who was involved in it. In truth, when grace came, it showed me that this was not about the other person but about how I was reacting to what was around me, and this always resulted in this simple but deep unconditional forgiveness of myself, which was the trigger that has released hundreds of these things from small to big over the years. This lack of alignment with the divine within resulted in my thinking, feeling, and reacting to things around me that was less than my highest. The release always resulted in the tangle being released forever….never to return. This has shown me that as we do this, the self begins to knit itself back into the higher levels of awareness and we are less and less trapped in this cognitive dissonance, this 3-D way of looking out into the world and more into ourselves as the “first cause” that is this thing we talk about as being karma. Sadly, we use it to point outside of ourselves (and often twist it into our own misaligned notion of what we want it to be or think it is) when we need, I think, to look more deeply and inquire about ourselves first. This kind of forgiveness is an act of love. When we can feel this kind of love within first (forgiveness being an act of love), it reflects all through our life in a radically different way. I know; quite the ramble…but the content of this post was already rolling around inside of me before I read it and instead of making such a long reply, I decided it was better to simply reblog this thoughtful post and add my 5 cents here.