and found.


It lies like a primordial shell on the ocean floor of time

No one knows its beginning

only its expanses

its tender notions

about itself

as it seek to reclaim itself moment by moment.


It is the oldest of its kin

but the youngest of its kind

and dreams the Big Dream.

It knows its godliness and godessness

as it turns golden

in its circling spiral upward

no word can contain it

but everyone chases after it

eyeing a tender splinter of it as it rises,

awash from storms

in the deep ocean of our time

and memory.

It expands outward

and inward

and is known in its smaller dimension here

and in other worlds.

Some slips of it reach through the crevices of our self imposed enslavement

to glimpse a sliver or blast

from its deep endless boundless ovens

of transformation

to bring back tales of that something

that the little one is.


The little one is like an earthling

of its god-self.

Deities cast through all of matter

space and time


but not lost

not secret

just unknown

to blind minds

closed hearts….

not because we are all so bad

but because there is still so much more to open to

as our eyes widen and hearts expand.


The little is the big

and the big its smaller self too.

Like you are, humbled before an oversoul

or god

or goddess

laughing that it too is you….

this is simply an expansion of what has always been

and what lies outside of time

so it has no known boundaries,

nor limit.


We simply glimpse a part of it

but in catching that thin slip of it

grasp for more

gape-eyed in the moment when it comes

and makes our souls


like the flowers

that we are in truth really are.


“Open! Open!” the love calls

man and woman,

bird and star

all of it

bursting to fullness

by opening to it

from emptiness and lack

to abundance and light.

You only see it when it is in you

(no wait….it is always in you…we just need to be aware….)

as Sattva G. said “The universe is awakening with me….”



The small love turns around the big one

even if we do not know it

or feel it

but when ready

we will rise into it

or it will lower into us

and love us like no other lover has ever dared or known

but which we seek to emulate

even if it might have no chance to do

and even if it does.


So sing

and rejoice

and grasp hold of it

as it turns you through the dark and the light

your journey now takes you into its peace

and forgiveness

to claim you as its greatest love

which is the biggest of them all…