Today as I was driving from work I was thinking about the idea of the broken heart and how someone will break another person’s heart.  Clear as day as I drove I heard the words, “When you hear that someone has had their heart broken by someone that they loved, it is not the person breaking the others’ heart, but their expectations that did.  People do not break your heart; your mismatched expectations do.”

The old saying by the Buddha about how all suffering comes from our expectations being out of line with how things are in the world and our inability to face that things are different from how we hope or think.  And its true.  Hard kind of truth to come around to, but the more you are able to see through these kinds of eyes, the quicker your own suffering will cease and the less you will be engaged in a kind of finger-pointing waste of time.  Yes, we want to be loved, we do, but we also have to be honest and truthful about where the world and its people are in all of this, don’t you think?  When I am able to be realistic, I find so much peace.

What do YOU think?