I have written many times about my encounters with the essence of what karma is at the soul level, and it is an explanation that strikes to the core of what it is for each of us in lay-terms absent the judgmental and the finger-pointing that some people writing on this topic today often wind up doing. I also do this, I observe, in as non-dogmatic way as possible. Without belief, we are left with experience. After shedding thousands of karmic knots, there arises a certain consistency to all of this beyond our investment in what drives so much of negative karma, and I invite you to learn more about a process that leads a person to greater spiritual freedom. When we can shed karma, we literally shed spiritual weight in a process that leads to a luminous sense of being.

The following link is to a piece of writing that I put together a few years ago that you might find useful in a broader understanding of how we can relate to and also release karmic threads in us.