Over this past month the presence of kundalini as a force that releases blocked energy has continued taking me ever-deeper into the cleansing process that takes place psychologically and somatically. By now, there have been thousands of releases both big and small that have taken place since awakening stirred in 2006 and deepened to a more continuous process six months after my first encounter with nonduality.

What has been consistent since those early days has been how blocks always corresponded to the release of karma. The great wonder of this reality has been that once a release happens, it is instantaneous.Whatever karmic issue that was pending is simply no more. So often, we treat karma as a punishment when its negative in nature, when in truth the only punishment that ever took place because of it was due to our being anything less than aligned.

So it becomes a very simple matter to test whether a karmic thread has been cut or. dissolved. Do the triggers still affect you? If they do, its not completely done. As a result, this process of cleansing is simple and direct. By being able to be honest with yourself, you can know what karma has been cleared as well as what remains on your agenda for the days ahead. This work can be seen as the old paradigm of punishment orit can become sweet medicine that is an ally in your journey. It all comes down to what you are able to be, or embody. I promise you that when it cones to this work, when you can be honest and open, the universe becomes an amazingly radiant place.

Chop wood, carry water. Good luck and blessing in your healing work on this Hallowed Eve.