As promised, the second part to my earlier post is included here.



Part IIIf Reincarnation Is Real Why Can’t I Remember My Past Lives?

The argument against reincarnation is that if this is something real, then why don’t we remember our past lives? Its a common query, and a good one.

I can tell you from my own experience what I think is at play here based on having recall of over a dozen different lifetimes. Before I do, though, it is important to note here that in two memories I had recall of languages that were part of nonexistant cultures, or languages that were no longer being used.  I also had memories of spaces that I had never seen previously but wound up seeing them after the memory came into full awareness (one was a Mayan temple).  I have also a memory from Egypt that was part of an initiatory rite…one that was unlike anything I had EVER read.  I always considered it strange, but was able to find an account of an individual who was describing an initiatory rite that involved the exact same details as in my experience in what was a hypnotic regression.

Now while it may be technically possible for me to have come across the languages that I encountered, I know that prior to my experiences, I had no opportunity to do so.  In one memory I was able to discern correctly the name of the masculine form of energy that was considered to be part of the life force also called prana in the Hindu tradition, and was able to see its use in proper context in the situation being described in the memory.  In another, I heard many minutes of the language of a now-extinct people and heard enough language to be able to identify the name of the people and locate where they had inhabited. I also was able to look into government accounts (Army) of a situation with my people as they came into conflict with the posted military in the region that was an identical situation that unfolded also within my own memory some years previously (a daring raid on an army outpost where horses were stolen and several of my comrades were shot–myself included).  I can also tell you that I have recall of my choosing my parents, which took place before my conception or very near it. This might seem unusual or even strange to some, but it is a memory that is as clear as any other I have had and stands as the earliest memory I have ever had in this life and has me floating up among the pine boughs of Northern Florida watching the people who would become my parents in a way that I can only describe as a warm affection.

I can also say that it was in a recent therapy session with a Kahuna masseuse, I was able to release enough past trauma locked in my body that it freed up the pre-life memory of chosing this life even as I knew that my father would die before my second birthday and that my mother would remarry a man who would serve to marginalize me in my family and early life (which was extremely difficult for me).

I can tell you that I highly suspect that there is an intelligence at work within us, “above” us that orders all of this for us.  The higher self?  I think so.  I do.  I can recall feeling vividly how I had CHOSEN all of this stuff, this terrible scenario, to be born into.  Coming away from it, I know in my heart that while my early life conditions were not the best from a rational perspective, it was the very thing that I need in order to develop. The only thing that suffering ever achieves for us is when we learn to no longer suffer. None of this might make any sense to us rationally, though, but our development is not always a rational one.

Sometimes I think we need those things that will help to flush out our most difficult issues.  Essentially, we come here to face our demons.  Which is to say that we come here to find a place of direct honesty about the core of our problems in our soul in order to heal and pull them from their roots.  But there is a problem with remembering some of this material from other lives before we are ready.

Consider how our past looks. Our past is full of murder and intrigue.  Armies have been raised to bludgeon other leaders to submission in order to conquer land, people, and treasure.  And our past has been one hell of a difficult slog.  You might want to think that you were the one person who was untouched by all of this horror, but I think you would be wrong.  To overcome our past, we face what it means for us here now.  We don’t even need to look into the past to know the terrible things there, we need only feel into what is here inside of us.  For most, what is within us is submerged into the depths that psychologists call the subconscious.  But there is a way to make the subconscious more conscious, and as this happens, more of the self comes into unity.  The effect?  Greater awareness about who we are begins to emerge.  Our place as beings in this world and in other worlds also begins to emerge.  The illusion that this is the one place and the only place that we will be quickly begins to dissolve as the self reaches into an emergent depth of self where even more mysteries of who and what we are begin to emerge.  This work is not for the feint of heart, but it is real.  Part of it can also be about what has taken place in past lives.

The reason why we forget or do not remember our past lives is manifold.  There is something about our brain development that does it; I can remember things as an infant that were not within reach until much later in my life.  Also, there is a kind of veil that we all talk about that most people agree is present within us that keeps us from dipping into other lifetimes and their memories.  This veil is a cognitive one that has to do with how we are focused here and also how we are each in our own way divided within our larger brain and consciousness functioning.  When these centers in the brain are activated, they also appear to trigger the ability to tap into relevant memories, memories that our bodies do not have, but that our consciousness has the ability to tap into in much the same way that we can remotely view an event or tap into the internet, but one in which the connection is how we are related to this past (or even future) self.

But forgetting is in some ways a godsend for us.  It helps to create a buffer for us when we are stuck in a rut spiritually.  Consider what it might be like for you if you were to remember the last six lives you have lived and found out that you wound up being murdered each and every time, or worse, that YOU murdered people in every life for the last six. It would probably be a reality that is too hard to face, right? I can tell you that when it has come to the most recent memories I have had, these have been presented in a very limited fashion to me.  I was only given or only remembered a small flash, just enough to clue me in on what the memory was all about, but I got little else.  It seems that for my higher self, there is no interest in just dredging the past up for the sake of it.  When something is relevant, it comes up, but the memory is highly specific to what it is that I am learning.

I rarely get a random memory of something from a past life just because.  The memory most often links directly into something that I am learning that links back through time.  In a way, the memory is sometimes a kind of bonus or reward for working through some kind of material that is here and now but that also touches on other lifetimes.  This most often happens in the midst of what I call “release work” which involves releasing negative karmic threads, cords, or knots in the self, knots that follow us lifetime to lifetime until we clear them up.

The longer we carry some cords from one life to another, the more we “pull” a cord down through time.  And when the cord is released, you can sometimes feel a very real release like how a rope might feel when its pulled tightly across a physical chasm, except its a chasm in the self.  If you pay attention you can feel the cord as it loosens from the present moment all the way back through the lifetimes that the cord touches. For me, there is a moment of rapid recognition that takes place that sometimes is lightening fast.

The first step in remembering your lifetimes is to be open to the possibility that they exist.  Then be aware of elements in your dreams that point to historical elements.  But more than that, sometimes reincarnational material can come through in very normal ways, too. DO you ever experience “versions” of people or even yourself in dreams? Sometimes this can point to reincarnational material (not always, sometimes this “version” is just that….an experience with other selves not even in the physical yet or in this reality). One way of delving into reincarnational material is to examine how you feel about other people, absent any memory of them. While you may not always get precise information, you will get some aspects close.

One method for remembering past lives is to use regression therapy, a type of hypnosis that is intended to take the subject back to a certain time period in their lives.  This method was accidentally discovered as useful for past lives when the therapist using it accidentally allowed the person to go further back than intended and found that the person was not describing events from childhood, but from a past-life adulthood instead.

One very good way to know who you were like before is to look at who you are today.  Look at all the things that interest you…and its possible that you have experienced many different iterations of these interests.  For example, I have been very interested in art, psychology, religion, and politics.  I know that I have studied in monestaries in both Tibet and in Europe.  I have made a study of world religions it would seem, and my interest in the arts has come in in a variety of ways.  I have been both a solo artist, an artist on teams, I have been involved in glass houses in Europe, and I have been a leader who oversaw artists who helped to adorn temples.  I have been interested in the hidden force in life known as prana in a myriad of ways….as a Native American, a Polynesian, Egyptian, Buddhist, and early Christian, and as myself in this life today (working as an artist and educator).