I’d like to pass something on to you that is….completely different.  Its about a universal cleaner that I began using seven years ago and since I have been using it, I have not looked back.  I do not own a dark closet full of cleaners.  Instead, I have gone green and I use ONE cleaner for nearly all of my cleaning jobs. Now before I tell you what this amazing green cleaner is, I will state for the record that I still use ammonia and bleach as cleaning agents in my laundry and for some cleaning jobs. But beyond natural soaps without perfumes, dyes, or harsh chemicals, I have gone as natural as possible.

You might think that unless its a commercial cleaner, its going to be weak in the knees and simply not be able to be the great all-around cleaner that you have been told that you need.  The cleaner I use is vinegar. Yes, vinegar!  I use white distilled vinegar for a broad range of cleaning tasks, and many of them involve cutting heavy grease on the stove top and in other areas of the kitchen where cleaning is often the biggest issue for us humanoids.

White vinegar cuts grease, it does not have added chemicals, its easy on the hands and it is all natural. I use vinegar full strength when working with grease on the stove or on walls or in the bathroom.  A few days ago I used vinegar to clean the inside trim and dashboard of my work vehicle and the speed with which the vinegar cleaned was amazing.  The nice thing is I know its clean without any chemical residue that I or my passengers are breathing or coming into contact with.

White vinegar is a great cleaner on

  • stove tops
  • refrigerators
  • kitchen counters
  • windows
  • bathroom cleaning-great cleaner for ceramic surfaces
  • dissolves hard water stains on plumbing
  • is a great polish for chrome or polished surfaces
  • vehicle tires
  • inside the car on trim and dashboard

Now for as great as vinegar is, there are some surfaces where it may not work so well.  One o these are wood surfaces or porous surfaces.  Vinegar works best on nonpourous surfaces. What makes it work so well is its acidity.  Many greases and fats respond well to acids to lift and carry them away.

A big plus for vinegar as a cleaning agent is its price.  Bought in gallon jugs, you can have a good supply of the cleaner on hand for a fraction of the cost of industrial or commercial cleaners.  Plus, your home is not littered with 20-letter compounds under your sink.

Vinegar is a great cleaner.  It can go a long way towards giving you a home free from so many harsh chemicals. With the advent of consumer biochemistry in the late 40’s and 50’s, a broad range of new chemicals were discovered and used for cleaning…..but truly, we really never needed much more than baking soda, scrubbers, bleach, ammonia, and some good old elbow grease.  I now use vinegar almost exclusively as a cleaner in my kitchen, and I have not looked back.  Vinegar is a great cleaner in the kitchen and home. When I am not using vinegar as a cleaner, I am using baking soda.  But don’t get me started on baking soda!

Have a great weekend Miss Callabash, wherever you are….