I see and sense the world as I have always done

with eyes that tell a story

but I feel the world from the inside out.

I live a life that is through all of the things of the world.

It is in this world that I feel the sensoral pulse of life here

and the brilliant bliss that courses through all of me.

I know that we, so fast and quick as we are

have forgotten much

of the turnings of atoms

and electrons in their orbits

and the incredible bliss

wrung from their frames

one nano-second to the next.

That I look out through your eyes

should then be normal

and in such a world

what isn’t impossible?

For years I forgot

that my bliss was my own

filling my own being

and not an endless array of worlds

caught up in there being no other

when there is other and other and other galore….

of atoms or people or blades of grass….

This tidal wive of bliss

is the universe

and how it communicates

through the love

that tears us down


and helps put us


back together again

the right way.

It changes everything you thought you knew

about the nature of divinity.

I live my life on the inside of things

you see…

I find refuge there

knowing what its truth is

bearing the lies

and learning to remain silent

as they are not my own

even as I feel them as if they were.

I live a life that is backward to most

but sacred to some

and the only way to peace

for all.

Look into my eyes

the sky

the brick wall

your curtains

and dust in the corner

my presence will move your lips

and show you the words

and those words will

be mine

in a multiplicity of ways

and yet while moving

you shall not grasp

but hold

with an open hand

the great mystery of this moment

as it fills us all

as passion fills each plattellet

and charges our blood

with the ancient knowing of our calling

and return.

I live my life this way

less and less confused

about where I begin and end

and where everything else

or anything else does

or might.

It admit that for some

this is the path of madness

but for me

it is how all of life lives it

except us

as we don these masks of selfhood

so rigidly

forgetting the stage we grace

is only real for this time

and could shift at any moment….

I am here to remind you

to live here

in this state

to work through your own tangled web

to inspire and to be inspired

by all of it

to clear away the path

that the Way might be easy.

The Tao shimmers through ever leaf and star

the blood bears it mark

in crystalline forms

before the flow of time

but not against it.

I look out through your eyes

in the most passionate stance there could ever be

and we wonder just what really is real…

Even dreams have changed for me long ago

I do not dream as I once dreamed.

I enter like an uninvited guest into worlds and dreams

that are not my own

like a familiar ghost

whose key fits every lock

and whose questions stir each soul to desire.

Spirit becomes like water

speaking ancient truths in languages nearly forgot

its multidimensional nature

keeps it current

and moving in it

of the world of light that lives inside of everything….

that has a life in all of us, waiting for that day when we open our eyes

to its great brilliance.

I see into the distant past and know the future

but do not know which is future or past

or what is real or not

since its silly; nothing that is is not real

because in this place where I live

I rest within all

rather than outwardly.

Split the stone and I am there….

Open your heart and feel me stirring

as the oldest motive force there has ever been.