Somewhere years ago I read that when adopting a pose for meditation the one thing you DON’T want to do is place the soles of the feet together.

So for years I followed that. Until last night. As I was meditating, I dropped into my instructional mode, the place where I ask for information about things I might think I know nothing about. I got into this state pretty quick and began seeing a rapid fire series of thought-images. And the result? There is nothing bad about placing the feet together—the placing of the feet together is the same as placing the hands together for bringing focus and concentrating energy awareness in body and mind. It was pointed  out, also, that at each termination of a limb, there is a reversal of the energy, effectively a “flip” in energetic polarity, known also as a zero-point. We actually have TEN of these on our arms since there are ten fingers, with each one carrying pos/neg energy down one side and the other, with the “flip” happening at the tip of the fingers. This, it said, was why hands are used so much for healing.

There was the caveat that more primal energy is stored and blocked the lower one goes, so it said to be aware of that.  I wondered, was this the same enigmatic kind of answer the adventurer gets from the wise old sage when trying to find a northwestern passage to find Shambalah to be careful with the creatures of the night…..only to find he is surrounded by tigers encounter who all want to eat him! I decided that I had not gotten any sense of harm or alarm in any of my probing a of the Infinite Fabric Mind……and decided to ask you if you wanted to join me in an experiment.

But what would happen if I were to place my feet together? Silence. Is it something I should avoid? The answer was a kind of stunned silence. “Why would you need to avoid it?” Came the reply. I explained that I had asked the question. I was asking a silly question, it would seem. It would also seem that for me at least, doing a posture where I hold my feet together is not something that for me is bad in any way.

So I laid down on my back so that I could comfortably place my feet together, and then placed my hands together, placing them first at my solar plexus region and then up to my heart to see if there was any difference. What happened was dramatic in implications, even as I sat there quietly. I don’t want to say too much and instead would like to offer any of you who do release work and meditation to try this pose and remain quiet and still and simply record what you experience, feel, or find yourself thinking.

Of course, having asked this, I am sure someone is going to point out that this pose opens up the 57 chambers of hell (well okay, 57 2/3 to be exact). Anyone game to observe and report back? You can email privately at

happy journeys, and let me know what you find