If you know me, you know that I am a nothing-is-sacred-integrative-big-picture kind of guy.  Instead of buying into any one system for practice or belief or method, I feel like I am constantly catching the good fish in my nets and letting the ones that don’t serve go.  Over time I have collected what I know for myself are the things that are “right on” about many practices or methods. Life is just too short to be studying some aspect of a centuries’ old system that has something way off.  I am of the mind that each culture got things right and some things not so right. I also do a lot of observation as someone who is more sensitive than he ever was pre-awakening and continues to clarify his inner sensing, an aspect of awakening that anyone who has had it gets and is intimately familiar with.  It is one of the benefits of awakening, which is the shedding of old blocked material so that the universal force can flow through us unhindered (or more less so!).  By letting our lenses go clear instead of tinted, we see more and more as it is instead of how we might want it (rose colored glasses, for as nice as that is, is still coloring things 🙂 ).

WHat I have found is that many eastern methods work very well for a range of achieving certain results.  Chi Gung (also spelled “gong”) works very well for releasing blocks as does deep tissue work with someone who knows how to feel or detect blocks and work on them.  Reiki and cranio-sacral are likewise other healing methods that are likewise very helpful.  Yoga, too, has evolved to help the body and the energy system come into alignment.  All of these methods though are like going to the airport.  Awakening is the flight.  So it pays to get ready for going to the airport, to have what you need when you embark on this journey.  But what is the core goal of all of this work?  Think about it; it is about union.  Yoga itself means “union.”  But union with what?  With ourselves as the individualized portion of All That Is.  By becoming more in union with yourself, you spark the process that leads to awakening, and awakening is the alchemical force that can release you from your prior bondage.  You might think I am crazy saying this, but it is hard to know just how laden we all are with the dross of a thousand lifetimes.  So much is deeply buried in us and we have evolved to shove it down and go on with our focus outwardly through the sensual three-dimensional world of our senses.  Looking outward, we literally forget our past, that this material is even there.  Awakening is the the….wake up call that this backlog is there, waiting.  And so the work begins.  And it can take years.  But worth it?  You better believe it!

Every time I have ever worked with any method, what I have found is that so many methods are meant to aid us in one thing.  It is meant to help us to FEEL.  Now when I say “feel” I mean our capacity to sense inwardly.  I am not speaking about emotion.  When we are able to feel at our most fundamental level in a clear direct way, we also have a tendency to be feeling the pure flow of the universe.  This flow is prana and prana brings bliss.  Bliss brings a sense of peace, joy, wonder, and awe.  This has the effect of softening the mind to open it to new patterns and the erasure of old error-ridden patterns.  This is all about our neuroplasticity as well as our psychic moldability.  If the universal force is doing the work of reshaping you, then it means a super-consciousness is setting things right.  So surrendering and allowing yourself to just feel is central, although it is incredibly simple, perhaps too simple for most, but who was it that said “be ye like children”?  The reasoning mind simply gets lost in the dust for the simple reason that so much of our big picture thinking resides in the right brain.  It is also where our awareness of enlightenment has enough room to unfold.  If you read through the past posts on my observations about what is the kundalini Shakti physiologically, you will know that it is in our right brains.  There is a lot of observations being made that help to support this view, even very direct ones made by Dr. Jill Bolt Taylor who essentially spoke into precisely what I was thinking and observing during awakening. the only difference was that I did not need to have a stroke in my left brain in order to make the observation.  But for those who need empirical evidence, it doesn’t get much better than her own TED talk a few years ago.

Knowing that this all comes down to feeling, ask how your own local landscape aligns to where you are today energetically.  The blocks in our bodies also have a way of extending outward and get mirrored in the world around us.  As a result, our homes that we buy or apartments that we rent often have had residents in them whom we may never know but who have spooky similarities to us.  I bought a house from a couple who I discovered at the closing were in the midst of a divorce.  I later was divorced.  We had a house that had a strange block in a room in the house that I could feel as troubled somehow.  It wasn’t exactly like it had a ghost, but it did have the ghost of some indefinable hurt in it, though.  When someone I knew wound up in that out of the way room in the basement exhibiting the same exact sense of desperation that I had been feeling in that space.  While meditating I was able to feel into my work space and was able to feel how the blocked spaces in my body corresponded to certain areas in the building.  By clearing those spaces as well as doing work on my own home, I found that my own blocks began to clear bit by bit.  WHat tied them all together was how I felt inside, the associations and connections that all of this had with a deeper cause or condition.

So it has come to pass that as I do work on my home, I focus on how I am clearing it of those blocks that mirror inside of me. And the result? I am now in what I feel is the end-stage of clearing blocked material.  This material, I will point out, is the last to go because it is the material that my own self has held onto the hardest.  By bringing this intention into the moment, day by day, I feel how digging into my flower beds also mirrors a digging down into my own root.  By stripping paint that badly needs to go, I can feel the layers of memory being peeled away.  I can literally feel how the layers of memory soaked into those old paint layers and the layers of memory in me are also peeling away.  I meditate on this, a kind of active doing meditation.  As I do this, I am also changing the vibe of my home, changing the type of person who will ultimately be attracted to it when I put it on the market.  It will be an interesting process to watch unfold as it has.

This is all like a play of feeling.  Dirt becomes the flesh of my body, the old roots the old tangle of weeds in my energy body.  They pull and hold and then give way.  I lovingly and gently put them to sleep and kiss them up to All That Is.I shift placement of objects, and the flow in the space changes.  I learn to think differently.  I see differently, through new eyes.  The outer presses the inner and the inner presses a new vision outwardly.  As within, so without (to misquote the old maxim), as what is within is so without.  This can become a powerful and useful form of inner work since it is so tangible, but it can powerfully stir the energy body and the mind.  It also upsets and turns over the energy stuck in your outer environment that is a product of your own inner thinking.  It can lead to some confusion sometimes, but hang on.  Give it time.  For me, a 24 hour period is all that is needed to allow all the old material to completely clear.  Saying this, I know that when something clears, it is instantaneous, but there is a seeking a new balance, which for me only takes a day or two at most, a feeling of loss or upset at the loss of the old ballast held in the belly of the boat of your soul.  Good that it is gone; you are now more buoyant.