A goodie….from 2010 re-published here from my sister site Divine Alignment on blogger…

As I align to HIM
I feel you
more present
The truth of this
shimmers in the moment
as I round corners
seeking it
every breath a reunion
as every pulse of its being
mirrors the multiverse
as awash we are
in locks and keys
each particle of our being
unleashing an infinite possibility
as the secret
the alchemy
is worked
and energy is released
and one more great lesson is experienced
in the moment
as the compass of certainty
turns us round the inevitability
of our becoming
and the certainty
becomes its own end
without an end.

I shall hold you
in this purposeful embrace
as secrets move
between us
as lips
but hearts wide open
speak of an unbelievable truth
felt as bliss
known as the love we have inside
love is all there is
after all
as end meets end
and the dawn of beginnings
like the sun
scattering stars
in the lost night of soul