I have fled this world

a realm that is on fire.

I leave it everyday….

Everyone is burning

for what they have lost

for what was never found

what will be found

because it was never lost.

The skies light up

in the darkness of it all

deep light

penetrated  by shadow


these foundation stones have crumbled to dust

and from them the soft murmur

of what will redeem.

All of us, redeemed.

But the world is on fire

everything is on fire and burning down daily

of its great desire

and I too am as if on fire

perhaps consumed all the more

I am ready to run from this world

running deep into its marrow

to disappear within the everything

to escape into the great empty peace

far from this world of fire

resting in the soul of the world.

So look around you

and see

how the world is breathing

this world of fire.

You have the means

you can simply walk out

leaving everything

leave it all

letting it be consumed

forgetting it all

to remember what lies on the other side

of the burning world.

Burn burn burn

burning it all down…