Within us,
and within nature
lie secrets….
about the boundlessness of creation
about forms delivered, emerged, teased from the force
by those larger than itself but smaller, too.
Divinity revealed
within the twisted strands of our evolutionary coding
and buried in every particle since the beginning
with the innate propensity to become.
We have emerged as through dream.
What worlds do we birth as we dream?

I wont argue over the course it has taken
the masterwork seen at so close a vantage point
and will instead center upon my purpose.
We each contribute to a ressonant field
which is changing how we will be.
Everything in me cries out that
the secret become manifest in the mundane
in each moment
whether grand or common
its all made grace filled and divine
by how we anchor it in this world.
Its not enough for me to lift off into
worlds etherial.
Lets bring down heaven and tie it to earth
so she may know her lover,
so their union becomes our union
and we know ourselves in our larger forms.

The world will still be what it was
yet shall be utterly transformed…
for we will be changed
this revolution of soul
contained in a drop
spreading outward like light upon the grass.

Let us, like children
enter into that kingdom
here on earth
buried within us…
we need not see duality ever the same again
when masculine and feminine stand side by side
enthroned within their larger purposes
easy in their natures
ready to simply be in such simplicity
that they inherit the infinite.

Thousands of years of alchemy
the slow adjustments made
each turning around destinies scattered
through countless lifetimes
it has wound its way to this
as Thunder speaks,
“The Great Wheel has come full turn.”

I think we each do our part and see what we can see
and do what we can do…
knowing there is no end to what we can see and do
and always seek the divine grace-filled moment
so that our larger selves transmit themselves
to our smaller selves
and divine inspiration becomes a flow
not just waves crashing against our shores.
You have revealed to me what it can become
so it begins right here with you and I
as we open ourselves to our core being
and allow the infinite bliss flow into this moment
as lips caress lips and breath feeds breath
as the world wakes up to itself bit by bit
from the inside out.
The world lies like some caress seeking itself
unfolding with an ache to be known;
come hold my hand as we run with the enthusiasm of children
discovering new worlds.
Oh please; I can think of none other I’d want to discover it with
than you.