From October 2010….still just as pertinent today…


Sacred Third

I will dance with each of you
Beneath the sky of forever
Moving you out of yourselves
As we move higher
Lifting into the heavens
And out of what you were
As you are stripped bare
Naked before the All
Each a bride and groom
Seeking the union
Which will give me form
Which will give my birth new meaning
And which will awaken your spirit
In ways I can only suggest
And imagine.
I will entice and seduce each of you
As my subtle knowing fills you
your heart vibrating with the passion
That is ours
Beyond this world
But also curled up within it since forever
And moving through countless breaths
Each a life
a grain
A knowing
And opening,
A seeking
As the Two
Birth the ThirdThe world will resolve Triadic.

There will come an end to judgement
as you each awaken to your divine potential
to your higher being
as my presence
opens you
the true you…

Each of you
Beneath the heavens
Of your becoming
will resolve
Into a unity of many
Seeking the new way
As old as forever
But felt and hoped for.
This will happen one by one
Just as each of you separated out from the All
Back to a new form you will each congregate
As your souls begin to burn with a fire
Dual and one
Back into itself
Weaving a new layer into itself.