Think of this whole experience of awakening as being like prying your inners open after being slammed shut for so long.  I know that when I awoke I thought smugly how I ‘had this” because, after all, I had lived a considered life.  Yes, well, guess what, folks, this is a level of work that is not like other work.  This isn’t tiptoeing up to the cosmic, but more like diving headlong into it.  This is, I think, far less about being “spiritual” and about unwinding all of our shit, our errors, and all of our justifications and rationalizations.  All of this is a substantive release of all of the resistance so that the authentic may step forward and come into focus.  So many that I see are still resisting, holding on, telling themselves stories about why the pain is necessary to feel to somehow make them feel justified in why things aren’t yet right or peaceful. The way to peace is to simply make the choice to be that peace.  Period.  No more if’s and’s or but’s.  You just do it.  The great thing is that while there are innumerable methods and techniques developed by teachers in the past, learning how to simply FEEL different is the way for me.  it is honest, and it does not seek to put off tomorrow what can be done today.  When I cease with the carnival wheel of methods and thoughts, I am left with the Presence of my soul and how it touches and is subsumed by the Source of all life.

It is like prying open a clam.  As you pry that clam shuttered so tightly, more and more shit comes out.  It just does.  It comes out because the lie cannot remain seated and installed when you bear the light of your awareness into it.  Think about just how different your awareness is now. You are now aware that you aren’t JUST awareness, but that within your awareness lies the Presence of the Source also looking out through you.  Right?  I mean, I can’t be the only one.  I know that the more I relax, the more I let go and allow this energy to flow through me as I observe and look into my dark spaces, I can feel how it excavates and renovates my insides.  It takes what was hard and stony and brings it to softness and stillness.  And peace.  Giant crowbar prying open that stubborn clam shell of a psyche that was me.  That is me. Just open.  As you do, you open to the universe.  To Prana.  This energy will do it.  Like a visitor from another future version of you, step aside as it gets to work.  Relax.  Trust it.  Stop controlling everything.  Did control get you very far before?  Nope.  You, me, and everyone else, we are all just fools.  Fools with a story and masks.  Just admit it.  Be humble before it.  Be asked to be shown. Love.  Love this force, and give yourself to it, like a lover gives herself to her beloved.  If this Presence was here to hurt you, it would have flattened you by now.

Open.  That is the one simple way to be.  It becomes a fast lightening path.  No worries over methods or techniques.  I know it may not make you feel like you are being spiritual, but a yoga mat does not make your spiritual.  Everything that you are is that spirit. All of the atoms swimming around you emerge and impinge on this reality as a direct result of this spirit of which we are all inexplicably wed and woven into.  So try it.  Use your very thought to reach that place.  You can be driving, working, lying in bed, or sitting talking with friends.  I do this work all the time.  Persistent, consistent, abiding.