A friend sent me this link to Matt Kahn’s insight into pain and spirituality.  It is maybe one of the best discussions about the subject I have heard in a long while.  I think it is honest, and on point.  It also points out how we continually keep our lives and world on a circular escalator of pain through punishment instead of the compassion that leads us and others out of pain.  Its kind of huge when you think about its implications for us as a species.  While it is long, it is worth listening to all the way through.  Let me know what you think!

I suggest using a down-loader program to grab the video (which is usually fairly quick) for viewing later.  YTD downloader is one such program that you might find useful for these longer videos.  It is HERE and can be used for Youtube videos.  You can choose to download the video at a low resolution for faster loading, put it on your phone or tablet, computer, etc.