Here is a quickie for you.  Ha, right?  But it will be quick, I promise.  Always be willing to listen to your own inner compass when it comes to healing blocks.  I have a perfect example about this.  In “spiritual” work most people will say you need to eat a certain way, live a certain way, etc.  But really, it is about BEING a certain way, and when you do this, the rest will follow.

A couple of years ago as I was sitting meditating on what was next for me in my healing work, I heard the very definite and clear “command” that I should go to my nearest ABC store (where they sell alcohol), and buy a small amount of something strong.  This was out of left field, and it made me wonder a bit.  “Just go and do it.” the voice inside of me said.  So I did as I was bid.

If you know me, I am not a drinker.  Every now and again I might have a beer or some wine.  Mostly, though, I find it messes with my blood sugar a good bit, and it also makes me feel rough.  So on this day I go into the store and I decide Ia m going to do as I was told and I had my thoughts set on buying a very specific type of alcohol.  A year previous my brother had bought some rye whiskey and we imbibed together.  I found that I kind of liked it peppery taste.  Considering how horrible I thought bourbon is, I thought that the rye would be the thing.

So I go into the store and I head for the back where my brother had gone to get the rye from a year before.  Before I could get there, a vendor at the front was asking me if I’d like to try a sample of something they were offering.  I explained that I was needing to get some rye and began to go for the back of the store.  She called to me and explained that this was just what they were giving samples for and that they had rye for sale at their table where they were giving out the samples.  So I turned on my heel, smiling, and took a bottle and headed out the door after making my purchase.  That was quick, I thought!

So I drank a little that night.  Not a lot, but enough to feel as though I was relaxing and feeling the effects of the brew.  I continually kept connection with my inner guidance and kept asking if this was enough or if I needed to do more.  It urged me to get just the right amount, so I did as it directed.  Not really sure what was up, I just went along.

The next morning, as I awoke, I felt pretty good.  Normally I can feel a little “off” from drinking, which is why I don’t normally drink. As I took stock, I felt this growing knot in my belly, down low, and along with it came the now-familiar sense that something was moving.  Just then, a block released.  I then felt the presence of my guidance looking back at me almost in a smiling way and then saying, “Now don’t be using this as a way to remove the rest of the blocks.  This method was suited just for the one block you released; doing what you did was the perfect fit for what needed to go.”

Do what you need to do. And listen to your insides for guidance on what this might entail.  If you allow the higher self to come in and make its suggestions, in my experience, it has been dead-on even though the method at the time might seem a little….unusual or even unorthodox.  This is just a reminder that when you stop using your head and let the flow work for you, you can get work done that you might have struggled with previously.  And best of luck!