So many admonishments made by old wise guys from centuries past telling us to eschew pleasure, ego, control, focus, desire…..


It isn’t the material that is the problem.  It is how the material can enslave us….how it can master us because we are ourselves unable to utilize the CREATION in a way that is positive.  Look at your life.  Are you creating separation or unity in your life?  In your work, do you knit people together or do you wind up penalizing and punishing people?  Look at it honestly.  Is your life running you or are you running your life from this one moment? 

Many who awaken wind up with a sense of grandeur at some point.  There is this belief they have a mission to save the world.  And in a sense, this is true….but the weight of the All is bearing into us in moments like this.  The experience of nonduality in awakening means that an experience with, say, making soup for lunch connects you to every bowl of soup every enjoyed….really.  You feel a grain of sand in your sandal and suddenly you feel the whole of the deserts rushing through your soft grasp…..this is HOW it is.  But the grandiose is there because….well….because of the sheer scope of it all.  Now connected into this vastness, you FEEL vast because you are by connection and definition.  No worries….but keep it in perspective.  We are all one.  We inherit so much in this.  For as hard as it can sometimes be, it can be the path to true liberation.  The “path” takes many turns.  For as alone as this has made me feel, I know now that I came here for this….to clean it up on my terms, to do it as my soul has sought to do it even if no one understands or can relate.  It will lead to something remarkable when you can surrender to your own truth.  Not doing so creates conflict and problems invariably.  Live your truth even if it means that others do not understand.  This is a giant leap off into the deep blue.  How could it be understandable by anyone who has not themselves awakened?  And yet, in being awake, does anyone really need to relate except to respect your path, perhaps?

This means a ripple of an wave can move through me and move through the entire Collective of humans on the planet.  I can sit and sing and ask the infinite to potentiate the vibrations of that song and it does….a steady gentle Ohm Padme….and then some other sounds meant to shake out the harder stuff from the Collective.  Have you ever tried this?  It is almost as though some larger part of you exists just beyond reach….you send it up like a prayer….a purposeful prayer and thread your awareness into it like one thread in this much larger tapestry that is this higher self. 

So its not grandiose to say we can change the world through intention.  For those who think this is all about sitting on the couch, you will miss the point that monks have been doing this for thousands of years.  A few years ago while in meditation one of my guides came and sat down next to me.  I was having a really hard time with some stuff and he said “All you have to do is step out of the old and into the new….it is hard for you to see how easy this can be…but the template has been prepared over centuries by the prayers of countless pilgrims and monks and aspirants from every religion imaginable….the blueprint has already been made.  Now step into it.”

So I will pray that this ripple through me spreads out into every silent night and between the cracks of each moment in a grandiose way.  I pray each day for the Christ, the Cosmic to become manifest.  It is why I am here.  Isn’t it why you are here?