Go to the root. Go to the foundation. Reach down to the place before all voices begin, before blood is born, before bone is formed. Look to the first causes, trace the line of phenomenon deeper and deeper and FEEL until you reach the place of First Cause. First Cause may be the birth of a cell, a world, of you, of a thought or feeling or belief or event. All things created have a first cause and all echo in their spirit their essence the same Is-ness that echoes through all of creation….be it rock or badger banana or jellyfish or celestial space dust spinning outward/inward. Find the first cause in all things……each moment born from a previous moment, shaped and formed by the bodies and people and animals and breezes and limitless phenomenon bearing upon it. A wonder-world seeking to be fulfilled. Naturally. Powerfully.

So in seeking, seek the essential. Seek the foundation. For here is what IS, not what you reflect as being. Seek to know the truth, not to bend the truth to your ends. Do not do not do not the angels cry and sing and murmur as they lay by your bedsides at night and as you feel the rush of wind and water in your lives as time seems to speed past you, as the architecture of your life seems to be used up more and more each day even as voices laugh in the silence of your forgetting, remembered in dreams that all of that is illusory. “Seek the foundation.”

Know what IS. Lose all investment in what you believe is right or wrong. So many people have destroyed others over what they thought was right or wrong. I have been destroyed by people who thought they were speaking truth when they were steeped in illusion. I have born their madness as a great lesson to myself to always seek to get it right because we are all effected by our illusions that skew our seeing and perception. Seek to know the truth. Seek to know the foundation, the essence. If you do this, you will know the all of a thing. You wont have to guess. And in being with it as it is, your natural acceptance will bring a joy and satisfaction so simple and so wonderful. Uncomplicated, it will keep your life simple and grand all at once. Such is the joy-filled life.

And once you reach that place….resist judging it. Be it a person or event or mountain or……