We hunger to know the experience of being so one with another that we feel what they feel. This idea, this desire to be so close to another is one that is deeply embedded in our makeup. This idea there is that “one” out there that we are destined for…..

Whilst dreaming and hoping for Mr. Cosmically Right and Ms. Cosmically Right, we lose something important in the mix. When we follow a belief, we follow dogma. In so doing, we diminish ourselves often unknowingly, setting clever snares for us which we will have to undo. It wont matter much by the time we realize what happened, but it can leave many running in circles thinking they have found the holy grail of spirituality. In a way we have done that. We have this cup that runneth over and it is in us, in each of us. To find it in another might be the snare I was mentioning. I wish I could tell you what everyone else is telling you about the forever of all of this but the truth is, we have all loved many times and we will love many times more. You have lived more lives than you can count. You have loved so many children, so many brothers and sisters, all who have turned to dust thousands of times over and will do the same procession from flesh to dust for many more lifetimes after this one where you are reading this.

So yes, the twin experience explodes just about everything you could hope to know about how things are supposed to go. Yes, you feel them from the inside out. they can be on the other side of the planet. Bound, connected, two complimentary pairs merge into an engine of creation. The thing is, the painting is only as good as the effort used to create it. I ask; what are you creating? Are you falling into bliss or are you allowing bliss to shift and melt you, to heal you, to undo you, to bring you back to zero, what the Zen masters all describe as that place where we return to the primordial condition. For me, kundalini awakened. It began to undo me and as it undid me, it also served to build a stronger field of energy that seemed to bring just what was necessary for the moment to serve in life and in fulfillment and in undoing and healing. For as little as some might be able to see it or to know it, it exists….for each of us.

It is time to return to zero. The twin experience is something that points to our potential in a world that is waking up. We are exploding the illusion of space. We are exploding the illusion of separation, of singularity. We are more than we seem. Let this be what leads you forward because to think there was and is and will only ever be One love will keep you from knowing love in its fullest. You will be somehow waiting and robbing who you are with now of the love that they could surely know. Life asks little else of us except to give to it our all.

So do so. Let mystery be mystery, but let it guide you and do not be so quick to make up your mind. It points to our capacity to see beyond here and now. It points to our being something more. I ask you, what is this something more? There are lots of stories about the twin soul….but what I know is that the truth is far more mysterious and wondrous than anything we could imagine. We are here to love and to learn how to BE love.

Be it!