Everything we do rests under the canopy of spirit.  In everything, it is everything.  Knowing who we are is a spiritual act.  But so is laughing and sleeping. So inextricably bound, nothing is not spiritual.  The question for me is what quality is it? Bright  and beautiful or dark and troubled?  Further, what is success for one is not for another. We each measure based on who we are…

Most often to be happy we just ignore what remains to be resolved.  Which is best? Clear or ignored? For me, I have a life that showed me the consequences of what turning a blind eye to the things I needed to clear up in me.  I know how challenging it has been to dig out of a place like that.  I had tried to fit in and in so doing set my heart and soul at odds with my own creative potential..  This boxed me in to a life and career that just wasn’t fully me.  I told myself I was close…but when the spirit awakens, nothing but total restoration will do. 

It can be difficult…friends dropped out of my life, but so many remained.  I realized what a perfect teacher; bless them on their path. They are following what their insides call them….acts which will add up to their own light-bulb moment.  But when I worried over their innabilit to let go and let love? I found myself judging and getting captured by my own karmic snares.

I hunger to know what is up ahead.  This has been the real me and it got me to this place.  I think I will take the uncertain path rather than the known.  I seek a place free in myself from all the things that have kept me from being anything less than I am.

That is success for me.