I have no doubt moved into a period where I am much quieter these days as it relates to blogging.  Truth is, as I have gotten deeper into this thing it has simply been less of a need to pass on things….I continue to be utterly fascinated with how the world bloomed and continues to do so on a daily basis….but the steps being made now have been ones that had previously tripped me up in my life.  So many assumptions that I had made, in fear, are evaporating as what I was unsure of before resolve into certainty.  With this has come a great desire to do my work in a quieter way.

Book work has been intense lately as I have been wrestling with a manuscript that keeps wanting to get away from me.  There is just so much I feel needs to be said, said well, and….well….the truth is, I was not born a writer.  I have to work at it. But when it works, its a perfect window into this amazing world that dwells in each of us.  With work on the manuscript finally getting into a manageable size, I feel that finally things are looking they way they should.  It has meant that I have had to codify in my editing what others had been telling me for a number of years, “Parker, you don’t have one book, but more like three.”  I wish I could have just snipped their perspective out and patched it into my own.  This book has been like a 600 foot long painting where you get lost in the details. Or, like a house with 500 rooms, it is hard to keep tabs on each one of them.  Like that.

The other has been a slew of new things that have been pushing my process forward, including a new chakra.  I say “new” because hardly anyone ever talks about it.  I think there is a reason for this, but for me, energetically, I have only recently begun to feel its energetic presence until just a few months ago.  I honestly don’t know what this represents or what it will mean later, but in a general way it suggests to me, energetically that centers are clearing out and energy is flowing into new regions.  To give you a hint, I will ask you if you hear what I hear?  😉

New releases of old energy have shifted my perspective significantly.  And honestly, it could not come a moment too soon.  With it has come an increased sense of autonomy and freedom.  It has brought a greater silence as I grow curious just what will happen when the whole dustbin is emptied out entirely.  Having been at this for about seven years, I have seen this energy in awakening sweep from one level of the chakras to the next level, a term the Hindu’s call the koshas.  Its been quite a trip and reaching down to what I sense is a more substantive emptying out of the old, I feel an odd calm that I have not felt before in quite the same way.  It takes some getting used to and as with all of these releases is a bit like that moment when you shift a manual transmission from one gear to another.  There is this momentary wonder about what lies ahead.  But whatever it is, I signed up for it!

So that’s the news from these Blue Ridge mountains.  For now.