Light Painting, by Parker Stafford

Light Painting, by Parker Stafford

We all know it when it happens. It feels like we are living the magical life. Synchronicity is an event that comes effortlessly from out of nowhere, yet is an event that coheres closely to a thought privately held or spoken about moments before, or a few days before. The key has always been proximity and context. It feels as though the universe is speaking to you….and to be true, it is.

When you find yourself in that place, how do you feel? If you can remember that feeling, hold on to it, keep it in your awareness, and see if you can maintain that feeling. The key to synchronistic events is tied into our energy, and while I wont say a lot more about it, living in the stream of them is like living in one miracle, minor though they may be, in your life.

Another key is living a life that is in touch with who you are, your fundamental truth. This is not some heady hard to reach thing. It is actually quite simple. Often, it is as simple as living in joy, in wonder, and awe. And these events, they just make it all the more magical. Living a purpose-drive life is also another key, for the closer you are to your own inner purpose, these events crop up a lot. By doing this, you create a pathway for this energy to move in your life and synchronicities are a symptom as much as a sign.

Sometimes, its as simple as just letting go and doing things the way you know they should be. And when you do, the universe can’t help but answer you back! Be brave and touch that wave!