Where I live, and maybe where you do too, the locals use this term to describe the experience of radical self-honesty as a “come to Jesus” moment. Maybe you know this kind of moment. I know that in my life, the most moving and liberating moments have been when I have been able to reach this place. It has almost always been one where I become very honest with myself about how I was seeing the world and relating to it. It is being willing to see things as they are in order that what is not aligned within us gets rewritten, changed, or redeemed.

I write a lot about how the process of releasing old stored material essentially IS this very thing. It can sometimes sound mechanistic when I try to explain it with descriptions of the energy body, electromagnetic fields and all the rest. All of that does play into it, but that is more like how your experience on a wonderful journey is made possible by the car you are riding in. It is the machinery, and to be sure, the machinery is part of the wonder of this incredible journey we find ourselves on, since it is all made up of all the same material as everything else is (energy!), but its what rides on that machinery, on those waves of energy that seems to be the thing. So when you say “come to Jesus” we mean becoming more truthful within ourselves. You can’t hide from this truth, you see. Oh sure, you can delay it. We are wonderful at that, aren’t we? We have been delaying the inevitable for lifetimes. In this time, it seems so many are looking around wondering what’s the buzz….what on earth is happening?

Well, its as simple as this. It is contained within this colloquial term I have been using in this post, and it is nothing to be afraid of. Sure, we fear it, run from it, deny it, and make all kinds of deals around it and excuses for not facing it. It is very much a part of how we become glued to what is familiar, and in fearing change, we hold on to the devil we know.

We do, though, have a capacity built right into our very brains and body that lean into this newness in the same way that we lean into the familiar. Thing is, the universe, I have found, is designed to be a mirror of us and to be what I call a giant chalkboard whereby we write all sorts of seemingly concrete and permanent things on it that say what we believe is true and real and then it becomes so. We see it is so, after all, right? And yet, in truth, it is all just chalk. It doesn’t even matter what you write on that chalk board. With freewill, you write what you want to write. We each also live by what we write. Are you writing a story that is in your highest? Do you feel happy with your life, with your existence? I will tell you, a lot of it can be found on that chalkboard. For as permanent as all the facets of your life may seem to be, they are in truth an encoding of electromagnetic energy (oops, here comes more cosmic mechanics!). This energy, which is in you, attracts more of what it is. Many go through their lives so fast without looking long enough to see that this is even happening. It takes some effort to stand back and be honest about it. But when you do, you are in the perfect place to begin wiping that chalk away and writing something new. Something better. And you know what? Everything can change in that instant because YOU are changing. It is so simple a thing that it tends to escape us and we also do a lot to make it hard or more difficult than it is. The key is in just being honest with yourself. Until you do that, the old programs just continue rolling and churning out the same old product. The merry-go-round keeps you right where you are. The more aligned you are to what you want to be, the more of a delight it can be. The more aligned you are with things that do not serve you, well, it can be a whole lot of trouble. I say this because I have myself been a pro at not seeing the truth or seeing what is in front of me. And, really, what I am saying is nothing new.

So the first part is awareness. Sometimes we just aren’t even aware of our condition. It is interesting, though, that we have a means to become aware. You do not even need a guru or some grand experience to do it. You simply intend it, want it, and hold onto that feeling for as long as you need because the world will have a very curious way to some to your aid. A book might present itself to you, a chance conversation at a coffee shop, a dream, or even a moment of reverie where you suddenly feel something slip away…maybe some old grudge or hurt….and then you begin to see quite suddenly how things can and do change. Piece by piece, this is how I have seen it happen in my life. It has been like a puzzle, pieces being redeemed and put into their right and just place, or old ones tossed out because they never really did fit into the bigger picture. And it may be that it just SEEMED like that old puzzle piece fit, but now, in your new place of awareness, you realize they never really did. We do this a lot. I know I have. I am embarrassed to even admit how many times I have done this, but I have. Slowly, stubbornly, and sometimes humbly, I am getting the message. We are, after all, human.

Part of awareness infers honesty, and when we can do that, when we can have our own “come to Jesus” moments and overcome the fear we might feel in facing them, why, things change. That’s the good news.

So really, all the talk about being embodied, awakened, ascended, enlightened, it really isn’t about anything more difficult than this. Over and over again I come back to this and each time I do, I move some old fragment of an old world that no longer suits the new man I am becoming. And its not always clean, or peaceful, or full of rainbows and light. In this, I am honest. But, I know that this is not why I am here. I am a being who has known himself as perfect, even without flaw, entirely bored and fed up with infinite perfection and light and asked as I believe we each have asked, how it is we can become imperfect in order to add something new into the rather static blissfield of infinity? So I came here and got caught up in all kinds of things and didn’t have my infinite self to always fall back on. But gradually, that old self have been found and gradually, I have been able to use that self is a cosmic parent to begin guiding me. It is a partnership of the best kind.

Sometimes, we just need a little reminder. 😉