To know the Source forget about beginnings and endings, cause and effect.  In a world where time is but a spiral winding of a snake upon its tail, what you think you know as relevant is but appearances.  To know the Source requires you to drop all fairy tales for now about what you think you know. What is resides within you like a luscious secret, like a giant underground container of fuel ready to explode into awareness.  Forget what you know; the world is full of many errors.  To know this sublime truth, this unspeakable truth, requires a silence and quiet within.  Only this, the god beyond the god, the existence beyond all existence, can you begin to feel and know it. For even god does not know how it all began.  How could you?

Its pure force is an unbridled love hard to handle at first.  Come, unbridle yourself.  Come to know yourself in this new light.  We are each illuminated by it.  It is also us just as we are it.

Instead of a linearity of phenomenon, all things crowd into awareness at once.  It is this awareness which we call awakening or enlightenment.  It is a very simple burst of being that we most often have trouble holding onto for long periods.  You can learn to grow into it.  It is your nature.  Bid it.  But be ready to follow it or else fear will grab you and ruin your experience.  This energy is so strong it enlivens everything that is in you.  Even fear.  And joy.  And sorrow.  And paranoia.  All of it, enlivened in the same way that rain falls upon the just and unjust alike.  This energy is the pulse, the blood of the All.

To come to it, you come to yourself.  That is all.

The end.