Without it, we hunger, short of a large view that it can provide…..still turning with old notions of love as object…forgetting the love is what we ARE.  We get lost in mazes of love FOR something.

This path is unforgiving in that until you have emptied yourself of the dharma of that basket of notions of love FOR something, it is hard to really know what this broader love is.  The yogi speaks of emptying and knowing this great Nothing…..and so true….but I would add that this then leads you straight to that cosmic maypole…..round which we have so long danced….pulling against the other…learning about the cosmic force that leads to this greater love….and all along, emptying ourselves so the vessel may come clean and uncluttered….so that “it” may love you with nothing else in the way….no collection of investments or positions or beliefs.  Empty, a virgin before it.  Fearing a sense of loss, we hold on to the old for dear life because it defines us, and feels familiar.  And yet, without letting it all go, there is no room within to conceive it could ever be different.  This continues, for we are stubborn creatures, but we are called back to it over and over as an ever-deepening secret realm that is in you emerges.

I skipped Valentines day for making a post on this love because, in truth, this has been a daily mantra….a steady process of coming back over and over……each mis-step forms the content of the next lesson….perfectly….with ultimate compassion.  Every day is a day about this love…..and more so when I simply feel it, letting it stream through every atom and cell…just as I ask it “how do I heal this next piece, let it fall from this basket of mine?”

People unable to join or be with me, I see with clearer eyes why this is all so….and more perfectly and compassionately this vibrant presence within asks how to do better, be better, and even as importantly, how to bless all the souls who cannot be since an expression of an old less than perfect expression was in the way of glimpsing this greater love…..a  mirrored truth which, like those basket of things, we bear the greatest of compassion and love for ourselves….because when we feel it’s presence so clearly and cleanly, absent that basket of old things…we are free in a beautiful way….first singular, but then bubbling up like a vast wellspring that is not for honor or reward, not for a return on what we give or hope for exchange….but a simple love that is for nothing and thus is free to be for all.  This has been what has drawn me forward from day one in this experience…..first unsure what “it” was, realizing all my dreams which foretold of it’s coming to me was beautifully represented.  And prescient, too.  Silly, I knew.  Deeper down, I know, and now inner knowing reaches longingly now to outer knowing….building block by block this bridge to this self that knows this love constantly, free, the only example I have or will need….a divine template hidden within….accessed through feeling (not emotion) and known at a cellular kind of certainty…..a process of constant aligning to “it.”

This is the greatest love and it is what I seek.  Day by day, silently, perfectly, it comes and whispers what remains to empty out.  Unfurling, undoing ourselves, our inner terrains emptied so we may be filled…so I may be filled…so I might forgive…so I may reach this great everything that I have been seeking in letting it go.  I do this not because I know where it leads but because I seem to know it leads to what I have been seeking fervently all this time….past the hall of mirrors others have shown in themselves to me, showing me where Iw as….perfect in a way….guideposts along the way.  And yet, we  have this capacity to be more than what we mirror.  Healing it, we feel so much closer to this one great love.  The greatest there is!