This is the way forward….

Embodying all that you are is not about sucking it up.

Sucking it up has been the source of so many problems, delaying that moment as what you seek is now known to be……seeking you.

If you must, curse the past, but do so in the knowledge that it was your past that you now run from, fleeing like horses from a burning barn.  You do not free yourself from that vast tarpit by continuing to remain there, wrestling your demons.

Yes, you give it all up and consider there is a better way.  As you seek this, you begin to see how it is seeking you….to be the best and happiest that you can be.  If not, then something is amiss.  Just ask yourself why and what.  This part seeking you knows.

Giving it up, you give up your feelings of limit, desire for more hurt, retaliation that keeps wounds fresh, as Francis Bacon called “green” instead of giving ourselves the opportunity to take responsibility for your choice in being here.  No one can MAKE you feel nothing.  You chose.  By living in a world where others choose is itself an illusion, the lie we must now flee to be free.  But you see, you flee into the arms of all that remains of you, this glorious, beautiful and wondrous creation.  You wind up escaping the arms of the past to find the truth is waiting for you bearing no sword but a smile.  Welcome home!