I have heard that no one can say that they awakened on their own, that it can only happen with a guru, and only after cleansing then  naddis, the currents that carry energy through the body.  There are many observations like this, and they are not on the mark.  We also are limited by how awakening is described by other cultures such as how Shakti is kundalini that clears the body and then reaches Shiva in the crown.  This ca n be a little confusing, even though these concepts or images serve to describe what awakening is about.  There is, though, a different way to understand what is going on in consciousness and in the body and I have made careful observations during awakening that may help you to relate to the anatomy of awakening a little better.

Awakening is initiated when you remove enough competing material within yourself.  What keeps you slumbering is the backlog of material that serves to divide you.  For most people, this material is not what many are aware of, and yet your light body, your energy field exists like a very real circuitry that exists entirely as an energetic construct but is nevertheless real.  Examples of how this circuitry works is in observing how Chinese Medicine views these energy channels.  There are very specific points where metal needles can be placed to aid in drawing current through these blocked areas.  When cleared, you feel very different.  Anyone who has had energy work done can attest to the effects clearing blocks have on how you feel.  these blocks can be moved by a variety of means, such as energy work, and it can also be done by resolving emotional issues that serve to hold you back in any number of ways.  Clearing these things can most often trigger awakening.  Exactly at what point your work results in an awakening is not as clear except that most people report a sense as though they wondered if there wasn’t something more.  Just this impetus to find this “more” can often be the very catalyst that draws together the two ends of your energy field which have until this time remained divided.  When the flow is allowed to move both in the body AND awareness, you have the makings of awakening.

Your body is made up of a vascular system that carries iron rich blood through your body.  It is the flow of this iron that creates a low level electrical charge and a subsequent electromagnetic field around your body.  It is this field that your consciousness rides and it is the charged electrical particles called electrons that your neurocircuitry uses in order to function.  This is a very real system that is as physical as any bone or blood vessel in your body except instead of being made up of  blood, bone, or proteins, it is energy.  This energy is expressed as a type of torus around your body and can be seen by sensitives as the human aura.  This field makes up all major systems of the body as well as mind and emotions as layers in the aura.  These layers do not take up any space and they nestle into the same “space” as the other.  The entire energy field carries all information about physical function such as your health as well as your thought or mental energy.  Your emotions also express through this energy field and the aura can be “read” by those who know how to tune this energy in.  This is a sensitivity that we all natively possess, so whether you see or feel an aura, the level of information can be the same regardless how it is perceived.

This torus is very similar to the torus of electromagnetic energy that surrounds the earth as well as any object that has metals moving within them that are molten.  It is known that a great deal of electricity can be generated by this molten metal flow, so you see a broad range of energy, of which electricity is only a small part, created by the likes of stars for example.  All of these bodies always have north and south polarities.  It is this polarity that corresponds with consciousness in our bodies and thus you see a negative and positive current running through the body and then makes a flip as it enters each of our two very different brains, the left and right hemispheres.

If you are still with me, it is the increase or facilitating of this energy flow in the body that brings about the radical change called awakening.  Why?  The two polar energies, or seemingly polar energies are now allowed the necessary awareness and flow in your body that gives you the energetic jolt up the spine that looks for all intents and purposes as the body getting used to this higher flow of electricity within it.  As this energy flows, so too does consciousness become capacitated or greatly increased.  This is also what we describe as the Shakti and Shiva because of how they feel in the body and in consciousness.

There actually IS no woman nor man.  These are qualities of energy that FEEL this way.  But what they are doing is the result of a very simple thing you can learn to do to bid them, which is to balance the left and right brain together I unity.  It is here that the prism of awakening is discovered and it is perhaps why we speak of the “two” merging in the crown chakra where enlightenment  is supposed to take place.  When you observe humankind objectively you see a very left-brained dominance.  People who are creative are generally considered dreamy-eyed kooks, impractical dreamers, while more linear and left brained people are considered normal.  We are used to reason and logic, and it is in the left brain that we identify individual objects, their order, or how to order and classify them.  These centers are involved in dis tilling information down, thus abstract reasoning is centered here when it involves acts of condensing material to simpler forms.  This is what language is, a series of symbols meant to represent sounds, not the actual sounds themselves, as well as the ability to create things like icons or symbols which all represent a contracted or abstracted version of something real.  The left brain sees the small picture and has brought us math, computer code, and the wheel.

The right brain, which is fed by currents of energy from the left side of the body, commonly called the Yin (Chinese) or Ida (Hindu) currents.  They are so called because they are cooler energies and correspond to those qualities which we see reflected (prismaticaly) within the right brain.  To know Shakti, you will know that this is the part of us that can stand back and see the bigger picture, is intuitive, and is less involved in language and abstractions as it is in feeling.  It is this part of our brains, that our modern research is revealing, that serves as a parallel  processor instead of a linear one, such as the left brain is.  This right brain sees vast vistas, takes in large swaths of information easily.  When people have had damage to their left brains they often find they have savant-like abilities.  The truth here is that the left brain serves as a brake to the seemingly mystical states of “seeing it all” so we remain locked into a very limited scope of experience of our left brains.  I have observed that those students who were able to turn off their chatty left brains, these were always the students who excelled at art.  They were not caught wondering what would happen next and instead were able to immerse themselves IN THE MOMENT which was where the BIG PICTURE emerges, the self finds peace and sees differently.

All of this is what awakening is about, which is learning to balance the two sides of this powerful energy within.  The answer for a peaceful experience is in shifting away from a left brained dominance to a more balanced right brain (Shakti) so that we may experience the burst of recognition in our energy body and brain located in the crown.

All of this is both electrical, physical, and cosmic (consciousness) altogether as one single functioning unified sense of being.  This is why the only time I EVER achieved bliss was when I was able to balance ALL aspects of my being, which also includes endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, as well as adrenaline.  All of these compounds have all come together to form he chemical basis for awakening.  How do I know this?  When awakening was moving at its peak and I was experiencing a 24/7 flow of adrenaline, I also experienced a heightened state of awareness of body and consciousness during this time and also read up on what each of these compounds do in our bodies.  In a very real way, these compounds are living emotions in the body that serve to do different things to our physiology.  By knowing how to actually learn how to feel a certain way in order to boost these chemicals in the body.  This was done simply by calling up certain feelings at the right time in order to catalyze or spark the creation or release of the right compounds in the body.  This may sound crazy, but with kundalini driving awareness so keenly and with adrenaline moving for days at a time without any let-up, I was I forced to learn how to balance my system or go out of my mind.  This was the hardest period in my life where I spent hours in a comfortable position tears streaming down my face as I tried over and over to effect a change in my physiology.  All of this was learned during a period one can call The Dark Night Of The Soul.  Learning how to control all of this is about learning how to feel and be different.  This is not itself something that everyone can survive and while I do not offer any cautions about initiating awakening, I think my own words may help to spell out the realities of this experience.

Uncertainty, which also locks us in our survivalist left brains also sparks adrenaline.  Surrender generates compounds that mimic the feeling of the right brained big picture.  Seeing the big picture, we do not get caught up in the details.  When you worry about what comes next, you are caught in a linear thought and being mode.  Until you balance the two states, you can yo-yo between them.  The goal is to find a state of stasis or balance.  All of nature, if you observe, seeks this state.

No matter how “beyond” this all feels, it is in truth courtesy of your brain and it’s ability to mirror consciousness so that it can be experienced  as an accurate reconstruction, mirror, or analog of what we experience that is beyond our mere bodies….but these “mere” bodies are amazing analog generators.  The body IS the soul in flesh!

All of this works together once you allow it.  Those who are “mental” as the zen master Taishen Deshimuru once observed, have the hardest time with awakening.  What we was describing was what happens when we try to apply the left brain operations in a situation that now needs the right brain to do the heavy duty processing of information.  The left brain handles particles while the right brain I handles waves.  Particles are limited while waves are not.  The Yantras of the Hindu simulate the wave awareness of the right brain in their repetitive forms that mimic how waves behave.  Concurrent with all of this is the concept of the fractal.  Caught up in the minutiae is the left brain, happily cataloging while the right brain is observing and conceiving the larger forms and how they relate from small to large.  At a certain point, you must be able to embrace your feeling right brain if you are ever to make sense of awakening In a meaningful way.  Once you have, you will have gone beyond language as a way to properly or effectively describe it.

Eliminate what divides you.  Frustrated over something from your past?  Feel blocked by an event that was unresolved?  Do you feel a struggle within?  By clearing these things from your awareness, and thus light body, you are much closer into awakening.  By being silent and focused on just how your energy feels, you can identify its origins, and in so doing, may serve to release it, if that is your aim.  Realize that this is not a novelty or cool expereince.  It is full time and will make you feel taken apart in order to assemble you back, Osiris-like back to the being you were meant to be.  In the end, all of this is merely correcting centuries of error and karmic tangles.  The better able you are to embrace the goddess and god, the better able you can be a willing and excited participant in this experience.

So that is my postcard from the cosmic for you today.  I pray it finds you well.