I think that what bothers me most is the sense of mythos that encircles the issue of a term that once was used to describe what happened to Jesus and has been applied in more and more New Age spiritual circles.  Ascension.  I think that there is nothing that gets you further from understanding ascension than ascension as it is handled and talked about in the world today.

What bothers me isn’t that ascension exists, its that it has served as a kind of be-all for all things…. kind of stop and shop spiritually.  Its as though the concept of the rapture along with awakening and maybe even a shark attack are all put together to create one big happy whirlwind of an experience and in the process it is creating something that simply boggles the mind!

If some are to be believed, we will get new bodies.  We wont feel pain.  We will be “upgraded” and “downloaded.”  There are grids and they are changing.  The sunspots regulate all of this and there are galactic brothers and sisters ready to help.  Ascension is hard work, certainly, but I don’t think anyone really knows what the heck is going on with it because if the stories are true, everyone is talking about it but no one is actually experiencing it.  Oh, no, that isn’t true; people ARE having all sorts of perceptual and energetic phenomenon taking place all OVER the place, but just no one has popped out of their bodies and been given an immortal blue-skinned body or something like that.  Or flipped into the 5th dimension.  I rather think that your awareness simply broadens.  I hate to be the kill joy who tells how the movie ends, but all signs point to this.  Greater awareness.

I know I am being mean.  I am at the very least being very bratty, and I KNOW that this puts people off. See, I want you in the “off” position just long enough so I can see if I can reset you.  I think those interested in ascension are in dire need of it.  First off, the idea of something coming down the pike takes your eyes OFF the pike.  Keep your eyes in front of you and soak up the MOMENT.  This is important.  Now, the other thing is to consider anything a possibility, but regard the past as an indication of what will most likely happen.  TO keep things in perspective, most of the ascension stuff happening is just awakening, and awakening is a subtle change in the body and its neurophysiology which allows for you to experience energy and process information slightly differently. These very small changes (which I don’t even know will show up on a blood panel that your doctor might do) translate into big changes for you and your way of life.  That is very cool, but it does not mean that you are getting a new body anytime soon. The great secret is that the one you already have is designed to do some AMAZING stuff and you really need to stick around to see what is NEXT.  The problem with all of this upgrade stuff is that it also turns attention away from what is really happening and keeps people stuck in their awakening process.

Yes, there are a LOT of people waking up now.  This is good, a god-send if you ask me.  A silent revolution.  However, no blue bodies yet, no new immortal skins.  This does not mean everyone will wake up.  Maybe just a few more.  Maybe everyone. Maybe thirty more.  Or a thousand.  I don’t know.  However, what I do know is that this is a time unlike any other and we should keep our eyes on the pike and watch what emerges.

There is a lot that COULD happen, but what DOES happen could be different from what COULD.  Still, I think its important to dream big but realize its all just a dream. Plant that seed, absolutely.  Let the Collective Consciousness know your vote. If enough people make the same vote, it usually tends to get passed into a kind of collective law.  Me, I am voting for x-ray vision, ability to fly and the breathe water.  If enough wish for it, I know it is going to happen. I know I sound snarky, but I am also quite serious.

I think that what this experience does is it breaks down the barriers  that you have cognitively but it can also lead to a sense as though one can and is everything.  And you would be right. You are.  However, you are also in a body as well, and that accounts for something.  That body does not suddenly change the rules of how reality works when you awaken, you simply begin to have a broader range of experiences.  I can say that I for one go Waaaaaay the heck out in the consciousness department.  I do this because I like it. I like to feel how my consciousness seems to turn inside out.  I do.  But it does not mean that I am ascending on out of this place.  I have had all sorts of unusual things happen to me from being bathed in a golden fluid that was all over my hands and arms and face and that someone eludes to as being something that is connected to the Buddha.  I have had my dreams invade my waking reality in ways that are almost bizarre and I don’t talk about it much because someone might cart me off, but in the beginning I could actually dream while awake and while doing that I saw all kinds of weird off-world phenomenon and beings.  But I still remained with my body.  My awareness, dear reader, is what has changed.  Not my body.  I might download, upload and vector shift, but this precious bod I have, remains. I have ascended but remained with my feet firmly on the ground. However, I REFUSE to call it Ascension. I’m down with it, yes, but unfortunately the term has become polluted with so much misinformation so as to somehow seed those who but into it or use the term as seemingly a little….well….kooky.  Do you want to look kooky?  Okay, but just remember that there are a lot of people who use this term apparently who have some pretty wild and far ranging ideas as to what it actually means or could mean. SOme of it means living off-world in new bodies.  THAT would be so totally cool, but you know, I have a feeling that i am going to keep my body because I think it would be a more interesting challenge to see what millions of years of engineering by nature has to offer.  I am talking about how nature contains the keys to heaven. We just need to learn how to unlock them.  So call me snarky if you must, and I promise not to revisit this subject again, but really, it isn’t like the world hangs on my ever word.  It feels more like an intimate dinner party with a snarky host. SO what do YOU think, hummm?

Let me be real and honest with you.  I know that I am being a little  flip, but to be serious, I am divesting myself of a lot of old garbage. I am very very happy about that.  It is the culmination of a very long dream of mine.  Its been what this journey through lifetimes has been all about.  I have been slave and king, knight and thief, mother father, brother, sister, and lover.  I have seen life through the eyes of horses and stags and hawks.  I have been through the transmigration and lived to tell the tale.  All of this, every step, has somehow been incredibly important if only to give form to the great void that births us all and to which we return to be recycled and made new.  We CAN be anything we wish or choose to be, and most likely we are in some far flung galaxy somewhere.  I know I was at one point in time…..but the thing is, I am here now and I am here to bring heaven in to this chamber of the heart and light body so as to fulfill an ancient prophecy having to do with bearing the kingdom to earth.  And that, my dear ones, is enough for all lifetimes.  I have my vision and I am seeking it.  It has to do with bringing light into the earth.

How about we do this; suspend what it is all of this is going to be and focus on what it is right now.  Then, we can dream big but remain rooted in NOW.  Then, by looking at those who have also awakened and what their experience is and has been, we might actually get a better idea what this is all about.  Thing is, we also have a many-thousand year tradition that has written down all sorts of info about this process.  Its as old as the human race!  Could it be that we have stumbled on a kind of puberty process where we unfold just a little more in these earthly bodies so we can wake the infinite?   Look, I think incredible things will happen, but I also know that we are bearing the profound to the mundane in order to enliven it.  Isn’t that what creation is all about?  Let’s shake these earthly bodies up a bit and make things more interesting in the process. Releasing what you thought you knew you were is an important first step, but where that leads, who knows….I’d ask why limit yourself?  That way, if you get the blue immortal body you can ring me up and we can have a good laugh at how insanely provincial I have been and I will write you a special post bidding you fair morrows and all that lovely rot!

So what do you say?  Would seeking to care for what is in front of you seem to be the most important thing right about now?  The world is in a heap of trouble and your enlarged perspective is greatly needed!  Maybe its time to get to work and straighten out the things that give your the most trouble in your own life so that you can become that fascinating vessel for the light that is set to flood in from wherever its coming from (like from inside of you perhaps).  Come on, what do we have to lose except the old worn out conceptualizations?  What might we do a little differently with these upgraded vector bodies? Ah, what indeed!