I am going to tell you right off that I am not going to be telling you a story full of gore and of sea monsters stirring the depths and seven seals being opened and no blood being spilled or guts gushing all over the big computer screen.


But we just have to quit with this end times stuff, okay?  Just quit.  No more for you.  Your quota on gore is done.  Now sit quietly and let me tell you something that your soul needs badly to hear.

The times are coming to an end. They are.  I can promise you this with absolute certainty but you might need a little perspective on this right now because I see the world getting all worked up about it.  The world will not end.  It wont.  These “endings” are kind of tricky for people.  We get worked up and its a lot about nothing, really.  The idea of end times is that the times of the old regime are ending.  In my last entry I wrote about an experience I had about the Wheel Coming Full Turn.  The wheel is itself a giant cycle within the collective being of humankind.  At this level we actually do decide some basic directions we as a race want to go in.  These are overall directions.  Not everyone will necessarily have to go lock-step.  Its just that the race as a whole is doing some things at a higher level.  The human race as a whole actually acts like a giant organism, which of course it is.  Many cells that make  up this body.  Our earth is itself like a cell in a far more vast body. A speck amongst a vast sea of specks. So for us the times are coming to an end.  The whole paternalism thing, that is rapidly going away now.  Its actually been happening for a while. It isn’t like its one day or in a flash or any of that.  You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and find that you missed the bus or the boat or the train or any of that.  You are a being whose soul will never die, it just wont.  How silly it is to put deadlines onto things.

Don’t get me wrong, deadlines are great if you are having a sale or you want to organize a group of people, but when it comes to the great multidimensionality of the self and soul, why, it hardly even makes any sense at all!  Its great for meeting at the deli to have a sandwich, but it loses its importance when staring down the barrel of infinity.  Even someone who has awakened normally has the stunning realization of how time itself is a bit of an illusion and that each life is more like a bead of wire wound tightly (which has a beginning and an end to it) around a much larger necklace where time is expanding more than it is merely a linear progression (even though this is one way it can be experienced!).  Its just that there is far more to time, you see, than meets the eye.  the post I did recently about Dreams….and my seeing the future should be enough to make you rethink the linearity of time.  I know it has for me.  I mean, if I can see that clearly into the future even several weeks in advance, then time itself as we understand it just is at the very least a little off.  Well, okay, maybe more than a little…

The end times are indeed the end of A TIME, but it is not the end of ALL time. While some will say my words are irresponsible and nutty and fly in the face of traditional dogma, I ask you what makes you so sure that people had what is happening now two thousand years later entirely perfectly correct?  We here who are awakening to this new world are those who are here to help.  We do not need bloodshed in order to realize peace on earth.  We do not need to have a terrible tribulation, although I have to admit, the times sure are crazy (Obama is trying to go to war with Syria, are you kidding me???), but its not the end of ALL of it.  Its an important shift.  It really is, and you have the opportunity to add to the tide of positive energy.  Your energy right now will make more difference  than at any time in history because of how all of this is going down.  To quote Kate Bush; “Just saying it could even make it happen.”