This time of year is a big transition as I have the summer “off” from teaching and can devote more time to flower gardens, cleaning the pool, starting the garden, mowing grass and running my glass studio. There is less time to devote to a blog.  I have been writing and soaking up life and coming to new things, better things, ancient things.

What I’d like to do is to share with you some writing I have done on another blog that presaged the roll out of this one. It began as a much more personal space and has become much more public over time. It was more a conversation with myself and for sharing my own inner self with another who I could not be with.  Devotional writing as well as plumbing my depths and hers.   It’s not something that was written for everyone, so its personal, and yet perhaps in reflecting, it might inspire you to consider the things that are your own to ponder, roll around and see anew….So here is a little Summer Reading List for you to get your appetite for the different whetted just a bit…

For poetry about love and the divine masculine and feminine read this free verse:

An Open Book

When things feel like they are getting off track for you and you feel like you are just trying to keep up with the Joneses, consider reading

Of Motes and Beams

To learn about how sound affects you and how tuning can have a subtle effect try this entry which I recommend for anyone wanting to dig into the science and psychology of sound

A Conspiracy of Sound

For fun and novelty I offer you things that could not be, are part of the impossible, and yet they do exist even if they are a little problematic for science….

Our Ancient Past

An Ancient Forgotten Naval Power

So for now, I share those things with you because I have so much glass to make,  many flowers to plant and so much beauty to take in. I have this giant yard that needs tending (and you will get what I am saying when you read Of Motes and Beams).