When it comes to the spiritual, it is important not to take anything too literally or on face value.  There is a LOT of material that has passed through countless lenses of the people who have espoused truths here and our history is one of a great deal of distortion.  The path of spirit is one that leads you, no one else, to the All. To do this it seems you must learn to turn the “truth” into yourself and see how it works for you.  It is as Buddha once said, and it is as true today as it was then.  Within you is the capacity to know what is true even though you may have many blinders and distorting lenses.  Ridding yourself of these is your journey to knowing who and what you are.  It is your great gift of realization.  Because we have all been gifted with individuality, we each will come to it in our own way. We each stand under the broad arc of heaven, which is the All.

There is a lot in sacred geometry that is more like a jazz riff than a mathematical formula that is rigid and unchanging.  This is so not because there aren’t constant principles at work within the universe but because our understanding and awareness changes.  So then we become ready to discover great revelations that will challenge what we though we knew.  Even if it was installed in grand traditions for thousands of years.  Be ready for it, my brethren and sistren, for it shall surely come as we move up the spiral of realizing who and what we are.

The kabbalistic tree of life is one such example.  It seeks to embody those principles that are vital to our spiritual nature and to suggest the flow and development of the soul as it moves along this path.  This model also exits in the Hindu tradition and it is very very similar.  Even so, in the crafting of these models, we can sometimes get glitches.  It is understandable; we seek to graft spirit to the body, to the material, and in the process sometimes information is lost in translation or the more subtle nuances are lost.  The model becomes an image in the mind and it then becomes a guide for thinking.  If the model is off, the thinking will be off a tad.  In truth, the principles for all of these models are amazingly simple but they lead to infinite profusion of creative output, which is why we are here.

So if you take the most basic of the principles and do not seek to put them into a model, save a spare one, my sense is that through your open mind seeded with intuition, you will naturally begin to discover the missing pieces, so-called, that exist within the model.  This is so because it is not something that is “out there” but actually within you.  You have the means to know yourself and so therefore, you can know all of this material if you simply open yourself to knowing it.  I know this is possible because it comes to me with great ease when I just let it happen.  I have uncovered many great things in the process of this that have helped to illuminate the ancient knowing of the past and help to update it.  This happens because there is more to know, more to be aware of, more to embody.  We aren’t finished yet. We are still in school.  So yes, we will know more that we might just now not even realize is even possible.  But it is.  It will be.  Even Jesus said “And you shall do even greater things than I…” which is a recognition by a master who was himself awakened that even where he was, was not static or the highest attainment, but rather that we are each human seeking higher attainment or realization.  Somewhere along the line, though, Jesus was given the mantle of God and this blurred the nuances of his humanness and made him seem beyond any improvement somehow. This was an early distortion that made its way, one of many, into the Christian tradition.

So when you see a merkabah, what is it that you see and then, what is it that you feel?  Wipe away what you think you know and let your mind go blank.  The answer might surprise you.  Don’t TRY to rationalize or apprehend because the part of you that is infinite, it does not have to try….and this is one of the things that trip many up in the process of learning how to use the intuition.  They think it is the same as the very left brained way of thinking.  It is not.  Not at all.  It is the opposite.  The harder it is, the further you are from it.  The easier it feels, the more effortless it feels, the more on spot that you are. For most, this is a very hard thing to get used to, but I promise you that it is true.  The idea that it must be an effort is a trap in and of itself, so let that go.  Let yourself remain as neutral and free from thought as possible.  This is why in so many spiritual circles meditation often involves emptying the mind.  Our rational bee hive mind has become something of a trap for us and we have to learn how to activate the right brain in a more balance approach to all of this.  The rational mind is great for small almost microscopic problems, but it utterly fails when dealing with the larger stuff.  The rational mind can bear a spark, but the right mind gestates the spark into a world of possibility.  Only the womb can conceive  the infinite.  It has its reflection within the right brain, the left side of the body, and has other manifestations occurring within our own bodies and natures.

So the foundation of all of this are two energies which are yin and yang.  They can be seen in everything from material to etheric/energetic.  It is in how electricity moves from negative to positive.  It is in how shadow and light work, how thermal dynamics works, how matter is held together.  All of it.  Out of everything these two forces reside and out of them a vast profusion of what we are can be known and felt. IN our bodies they rise straight up side by side and when we can raise our awareness of their presence, the body is able to follow suit since the material body follows the etheric double perfectly.  Straight up they go and as they strengthen through our awareness of them, they generate an electromagnetic field that supports a third energy that itself does not have an etheric channel at all, but is itself a radiance that is capable of being everywhere.  This is a curious characteristic in energy which physicists have observed; energy has the capacity to be nonlocal in nature.  It kind of explodes our notions of a linear space-based reality.  it is this energy, which is everywhere that is a transcendent energy when we feel it in the body.  It is nirvana, it is the Christ, it is any number of descriptors that have been used by those who have experienced it in the past.

The curious think about the nonlocality of the presence of this energy is how it interacts with the local environment.  For those who are familiar with it, they have often described the curious effect of the synchronicity.  This is itself the leading edge of something still more that we are learning how to come to grips with and use in a practical way.  It has the potential to change lives and change the world as we know it.  It has this power because it is wedded to the same energy that is of the right brain.  I KNOWS how to make things simple and easy.  But it isn’t JUST the right brain.  It is more than that.  In fact, it cannot exist without both the right and left, the masculine and feminine, as it is is described in the Hindu tradition, for example.

Enjoy the traditions of the past, but do not become slaves to them. Look at them and ask yourself, in your body, in your heart, what doesn’t feel right about them.  Then ask yourself does this come about because it’s just off or because you yourself are off.  It could be one or the other, or even both, so consider this.  If your field is active enough in y our awareness you can actually FEEL it even if you have not idea what the real truth is of the matter.  This process is not unlike dowsing.  Some part of you actually can tap the information banks to know where water is, or a lost object, but it isn’t found through your rational mind, so your mind needs a device to create the run-around the rational, and thus we have things like pendulums, dowsing rods, and things like that.  I have found that I can simply focus my awareness in my heart and ask my heart.  My heart will tell me very simple things when I do not know.  If I am off the mark, I will get a contracting of the heart center, which tells me that it senses that what I am considering is not in the fullest truth.  I may not know precisely what the glitch is, but I know it will somewhere be found. All I have to do is get quiet and listen without letting my own bias into the equation.  Doing this, though is most helpful when you can suspend ego or allow ego to take a back seat.  Ego is tricky for how easy it sneaks into our awareness even when we think it is not there.  Perhaps this is so because we have for generations gotten used to its front and center arrangement within our personalities.  The easiest thing is to simply not take anything too seriously, remembering that ego itself will seek to conflate things and turn a small miracle of manifesting into something fraught with meaning and importance when it was merely an act of good manifesting.  Suddenly a synchronistic event MEANS something, and this becomes the beginning of a great hunt for what that might be and often results in our pinning things inside of us or in the world with meanings that they do not deserve or warrant.

Feeling a rush of energy when someone is talking to us suddenly means that that person is important to us spiritually when in truth all they did was reach a high vibration that reminded us that we too can reach that vibration. It seems terribly important simply because we have not yet experienced the nine levels of vibration above that seemingly high vibration we just felt moments ago when we heard someone speak those words that opened us up, or seemed to.  The point here is that we are growing up and there is a LOT more “above” us that we are going to discover and it will all seem terribly important when in truth it will simply be us expanding in awareness.  If instead of pinning importance on each discovery you simply say “I am expanding….this is nice….this is a good sign….I am growing up…I am learning what I am in a greater context…” I think you will be much happier, more grounded, and less likely to turn the world that is being revealed to you into SOMETHING it is not.

Just don’t take it too seriously.  This is not a job, a race, or even an effort.  It is what you are.  Consider there is more to know and see and realize and as you do that, you might actually see things you hadn’t realized before.  Just keep yourself open and don’t marry yourself to anything just yet.  There is still a lot to know and to become and to let go of that will provide a MUCH clearer view of things.