What if you woke up one day to find that old blinders were gone? What if you awoke and realized that the who you thought you were was only one small part of the story? What if some rusty garden gate had been found, once covered in vines, had suddenly swung open to reveal another world. What would you do? And what if this garden gate opened up to another part of you so boundless that it  goes beyond description, a kind of ineffable mystery for the fact that, well, no words could contain it? And what if this world was like a river emptying out into a vast wellspring of an ocean of your being, first a crushing discovery, but later more a matter of having suddenly grown up. That garden gate swung open. That world did open.

What I saw on first glance was what I thought it was, but I was defining it as I stood in the old world. How do you look into another dimension from the one you already are in and seek to understand it or even describe it or even pretend like you even know? So once I think I know, I know I do not know. I say much, but what I don’t say is how utterly the landscape can change all around me. We are fond of making this into something and then using what we are here in this world to frame it and define it. A sudden wave of something moves through me and I know that no matter how I might try, I am just not going to explain this. I can’t. And silly me, I still try. Why? Only because I know in my bones that I was going to step forward one day and essentially point into that garden and say “Hey! Do you see THAT over there? Let’s take a look…” That really is all I am doing. Pointing out what I know is true, what can be framed in this context without too much distortion.

We are each a leaf on a still larger tree and all those other leaves are another me, another you, another one of us. And yet, our experience in individuality makes it hard to conceive of mass collective awareness as a single living organism, and yet this is just what we are at a certain point into that garden. Not losing our individuality, but enhanced by it, living in multiple channels all at once. Both rivulet, creek, river, and ocean all at once. All of it. One leaf. One petal on a still larger flower. Lifetimes in other lands, worlds, universes and even dimensions so different from this one that perhaps they seem to be more like dream than anything we might recognize as “real.” Given this kind of background, it strikes me as provincial to seek to describe or explain all of this. And yet we still try. Silly us.

This thing, it is what we are, who we are right now but we have simply tuned it out. RIGHT NOW. And if that seems hard to grasp consider that time itself is a bit of an illusory thing because once you peek behind the curtain you see the gears and switches and it all becomes plain; it is all happening at once. And we are slowly beginning to realize. Realize who we are, what we are. What we are is so amazing one wonders why we would ever seek to minimize this incredible thing. It sounds grandiose in a way, and it is, but it is also so simple and beautiful.

I think once we can remove the rest of the masks, the blinders and karma, a world so incredible will emerge that the old one will be like some old black and white photo that we look back on with love and care but not in seeking to go back to it in any real sort of way. The good old days weren’t so good as they were except when we look back on them with the magic of the gloss we put on everything. And yet, even now, we can expand into those times as deep ripples move out in all directions entirely transforming the Now and the past and the future. This is only possible because anything is possible and you are not limited. It makes being here mind boggling because of the utter profusion of existence existing in the wings of awareness. One petal. Many petals. One life, many lives. One soul, many souls. All souls.