Who knows the basic principles involved in bringing your life into full focus for effective manifesting of what will bring you fulfillment?  Who knows when these principles are put into place and when do they work?  Who knows the “cycle” of manifestation that actually tracks and moves an event from “inception” to full manifestation?  And who knows about the one key to bringing all of this to bear into your life in a way that is meaningful and effective?

I will give you a hint, but it wont be the kind of hint you would have ever expected.  It lies within both your psychology AND physiology.  Within the very atoms in your body, you have the ability to do things that some consider impossible.  The principles are simple, straightforward, and require a fundamental shift in your thinking, feeling, and being.  Can you achieve this?  It is up to you and you alone.  All of it is carried within your own cosmic vehicle.  The only thing that keeps you from tapping it in the way that you would like lies in your psyche.

This is one big reason for doing the “work” required to get yourself to a place where you can experience the fundamental shifts that can occur day to day and moment to moment.  The other clue or hint in all of this is that all of what lies ahead as challenges are all entirely self made.  Want to be a self made woman or man?  Well, here is your chance.

I am of course baiting you.  Normally, I do not use such catchy words and phrases, but in this case, each catch word or phrase is entirely on the mark, honest, and supported by direct experience in an environment that has shown over and over how you can unlock your potential and find greater fulfillment.  But to achieve this requires you to be different.  To feel different, to think different and to allow yourself the means to get out of your own way.

There are many ways to this goal.  There is not any one magical trick or technique because the truth is, like all techniques, they only work if you put belief behind them.  Do you remember the people who were healed by Jesus who exclaimed in amazement over the change that took place within themselves in a moment?  And do you remember what this man was said to have said?  he explained that it was their own faith, their belief, that healed them.  If you believe enough in it and if this method or belief system does not put up more roadblocks than it takes down, then you have a very good chance of it working. This is just how broad a thing this force is.  It literally underpins the movement of atoms and moves up through a little understood chain of effects or forces until it meets you squarely in the moment and place that YOU are in right now. As a result, this force may not always bring you lottery numbers, but will bring you the things that you most need for the NEXT STEP.  Without achieving those next steps, you wont ever get to the lottery or to the life your rational mind tells you is the one that you want.  And curiously, too, the moment you reach this place, it may also have the effect of erasing any concern for the old hopes that you had and MIGHT send you in a different yet much more fulfilling direction.  This is not to say that you WONT achieve your greatest dreams, only that in the process of making the changes to align you to your highest that some priorities may in fact change.  So be ready for that.  And be ready to be led.  By a higher power.  Your own inner power.  And this power links itself up in web-like fashion to the rest of the cosmos.  Truly.  And THAT dear readers, is a fine place to be!

THIS is what I am working on in my book, what one student said was the most critical to him when it comes to books about awakening:  keep the mumbo jumbo out and explain how all of this adheres to physical principles at work within the universe.  The miraculous itself will in some way adhere to physical laws in ways we may not entirely expect, see, or know. This is my task for my book Waking The Infinite.  It is my sincere hope to spell this out in ways that stray far from dogma, bias, and our need to sometimes mythologize a phenomenon that we truly don’t always understand completely.  And yet, from time to time, we do have those individual who can bring the information forward in an ever-increasingly clear way so that it can be understood not through dogma or belief only, but through other channels of being.  These other channels will often be the lost or forgotten parts of you that is the missing link in bringing you a life that is full of fulfillment…..whatever that looks like to you.