It is true that when you awaken, you begin to feel things from the inside out.  Instead of a focus through the sense only, a rich world begins to emerge and it is the inside of things.  This can be very unsettling in the beginning.  Charged with the energy of kundalini, everything seems so charged with meaning.  Certainly, life takes on greater meaning in the face of greater awareness.  This is true.  It is also true, though, that ego will tend to want to put meaning on things that may not be entirely productive.

Yes, when you think of something, it has a way of happening.  Over and over and over…..countless incidents take place that show you that this is so.  There is a very different kind of order at work in all of this and the mind seeks to make sense of it.  Quite natural.  But as humans we have this tendency to want to insert something into a phenomenon that feels right to us but is actually based more on what we think is right than what actually is.  As a result, our understanding of a given phenomenon in awakening changes as we change.  It is pretty natural, expected, and kind of elementary. This is the same impulse that resulted in our believing the world was flat, that the earth was the center of the solar system, that we could not go faster than seventy miles an hour in a railroad carriage or else all the air would be sucked out (yes, this was a belief held back in the day).  We think how silly all of this is now, and yet, I ask you, what remains in our world views that are the product of this same kind of thinking when it comes to how we think the universe and reality work?  Maybe it seems silly or superfluous to say this, but when it comes to what happens in awakening, it becomes, at least in my experience, very important.  Quantum entanglement or particles, rising up through a chain of phenomenon resulting in the most peculiar things happening at larger scales….scales that the quantum physicists say does not or cannot happen.  And yet, when you step off into the weird world of awakening, this certainly happens and with great regularity.  So it begs the question.

Synchronicity is not well understood and these events come in gran scales during awakening.  We want to say it is the universe speaking to us, or God, or any number of things.  But were we to understand what is behind this phenomenon, it would pop the lid off of how we see and view the world.  And ourselves.  It would place our sense of magic back into the place where it belongs, for certainly synchronicity is part of a larger animal that I do feel we have been chasing for some time and have attributed it to “magic” simply because we have not understood it very well.  What I am saying is that what we call magic is a hitherto misunderstood phenomenon (and I do not speak of slight of hand or card tricks, no).  This is the kind of magic that reveals how a shaman who needs the flower from a plant that only flowers in spring can walk out in the dead of winter and find the plant s/he needs in that moment to help heal someone.  These are kind of unexplainable events, minor miracles, really, that reveal a side of the world that we mostly don’t understand. In understanding it, though, you begin to get a broader view of how the world CAN and DOES work….a world a good bit more different from the one we are used to thinking about.

We want to attach to our bliss to some deeper meaning simply because it seems so meaningful.  And yes, it is meaningful, but perhaps we have put too much onto it.  What if bliss was itself simply a state we were always meant to inhabit and that in so being, it becomes like the air we breath; it is what is…..there isn’t so much a mystery about it, does not mean anything world shattering but is simply the way we were originally designed to be and feel once we got in line with ourselves a little more.  Bliss may just be the inevitable result of letting go of so much pain and suffering in our being and choosing to do something else.

Those who awaken enter into this hyperversal kind of universe where things begin to act and behave differently.  Yes. My daughter asks me about awakening from time to time because she is curious as I suppose anyone might be,  and I do seek to explain it in as simple and straightforward terms as I can without coming to any definitive conclusions, only my current experience at the time.  I do this because someone once said “and you will do even greater things…” and I think this is good advice.  As I do explain, I also let events in my life unfold as they should and she sees evidence of these odd events all around me and so she is able to witness them as odd coincidences that stop being JUST coincidences.  The luck on this only goes so far before it begins being statistically important, you see, and in this way she is able to glimpse at least its outward effects in our day to day.  We are working and responding differently, or at least with a slightly different awareness which is making the difference.

This awareness also can drive strong currents of energy.  When I awoke I was aware that I could feel someone’s thoughts and feelings as if they were my own.  Even stranger, this was a person I had never met.  She lived in another country.  As my awakening unfolded, I began to believe that the universe had paired me with this person for some greater work or for some significant purpose.  I had eyes open enough to begin to see that all of this was not always happiness and rainbows, at least not what those who were saying about the phenomenon I was experiencing, which they called twin rays, twin souls, and soulmates.  If what they said was true, then things should have been of a higher order.  It was increasingly clear to me that we are all so very human while beginning to touch on the infinite within…and that unless or until we made the changes in our earthly selves, we would remain soaked or steeped in all of our old karmic accounts.  We would live lives that revealed an even greater fracture than before perhaps because now we at least knew there was something more.  Awakening is only as good as you make it.  It is not an escape out of being human, although many humans escape this world through it.

It took me a number of these soul connections before I would see and know just what this phenomenon was all about.  What we take for the bliss is still itself very much tied to karma.  We make the mistake sometimes that we are suddenly on the fast track to knowing when we awaken.  I say mistake because even as we are more enlightened in some ways, we still have the clothing of the past clinging to us and this material keeps us from seeing clearly or perceiving what is.

I wont say doing this is easy.  It is perhaps the hardest thing, and yet when things are hard or challenging, the greatest reward is often hiding in the wings, ready to emerge.  And so, beyond the forever of these deep connections lies a still deeper level of fulfillment that will I think radically change the very nature of our relationships here on this planet.  In many ways I sense that these relationships have the potential to become something that we have simply never experienced before and are thus a bit like speaking a dead language when we try to explain them.  So much gets lost in translation simply because we probably need to all get to this place so we can form new words, new ways of explaining or describing this new reality.  It is possible that it is a radical jump in our collective awareness and as a result may not be fully understood by anybody when someone DOES speak up and tries to explain it.

Until then, we will mistake the draw to these soul connections as though they mean something deep and important.  We will attach meanings that may not be suitable to them, and in the process we can run the risk of missing the boat on what is on offer here for us.  it is hard, though, to step out of our old conceptual boxes because those older boxes began to feel so comfortable.  Like any belief, we take up the standard of this new idea and make it our own even if it is not entirely on the mark.  This is one reason why I am not very big on tradition.  Tradition is great in some respects, but it also has been a wasteland for distortion and misunderstanding.  We gobble up what our ancestors deemed important without really looking at it or examining it. We seem to lose sight of the possibility that it is our responsibility to fashion our own traditions that are more up to date with who and what we are.  When quantum leaps occur, it has the tendency of putting is way out in left field and that can be a very lonely place.  We might even try to migrate back to those old familiar realities or boxes.

Until we reach deeper levels of surrender, for example, these connections will seem to be the cats pajamas, but once you have touched something new and different that vibrates at a whole new level of energy (emotional, mental, and spiritual) then it is hard to believe that those cats pajamas could ever be improved upon. But they can.  And they will.  To find it we merely dig up and root out what remains that keeps us tangled up.  Sometimes it means thinking big being fearless and seeking based on a deep inner compass which we each have.

When we do that, we will awaken anew to a higher order than what existed just a moment before.  It is entirely possible that we know less than what we do not know, which is to say the universe is a mighty big place and maybe we ought not prejudice ourselves by what we firmly feel is what we DO know.  All of that is subject to change….not  ideas or concepts but ways of being.  Because this all dwells in the collective awareness as well as the individual, we can actually affect a sea change by reaching these higher state in ourselves.  It will wind up being spread around even if no one awakened person ever spoke peep about their experience.  Through the collective it would simply spread.  In days, months or years… would eventually find the cracks in the facade and would work its way in.