…it’s never enough.



Waking up, touched by the fire of the sun, the water of the moon, the bliss of creation, the breadth of life, the kiss of the divine.  It seems so lofty.  So grand.  And it is.  And just as this is glimpsed, the mighty hand of kundalini emerges at my door, shows me the way to the wood pile and the message is clear;  this is a gift what you see but each gift is earned.  Now that you know, now your work begins. Chop wood.

This is the most sacred of all work.  It is work without an effort.  It is a silly thing that we try to talk about because we struggle for years to remove the dross and when it goes, it is just so effortless.  It is taken off our bodies in the exact same way it was taken on.  All karma is like this.  You simply leave it behind.  You give up on it entirely.  You quit the game that has held you in its grip.  You get to work.  Forget the lofty world of what you saw and now tend to the journeywork of your soul.  You chop wood and haul water.  For your soul.  For your heart.  For all that you are and shall be.  All of it exists at once and you are now just coming to this realization.

You will learn that self love is the most important love.  Until then, you will secretly believe its selfish love until you know it.  Perhaps it will kiss your lips gradually and it will seem like a revelation…..but then it will come and not just kiss you briefly but visit you for a weekend and it will utterly change your life.  And then you will forget such a lofty experience until it comes to LIVE inside of you not as visitor but as sentience.  And increasingly you look at those high heights you reached and put it all back into perspective.  What was done is great, but what remains is greater.  You cannot imagine what remains.  You just can’t.  And I can’t tell you how perfect it all is.  I wish I could.  But you just have to feel it in your own skin.  This is simply not a journey I can describe before you get there.  You simply have to trust me that what I say is true.  Either you believe or you do not.  Either way, it is perfect.  The love I feel budding in me is now of a character that I have no deep need to spread the word.

Not even here.  Not because it isn’t important.  Its corner-stone important.  But the thing is, I know it is so incredibly wonderful, no soul, no matter how deluded, would ever fully escape its grasp, its tender touch, its incredible miraculous mystery.  So I know, however you do it, your soul will win in the end.  How long that takes, I can’t tell.  You see nowhere a finish line.  Source can conjure endless worlds within which our little plays work themselves out…..and these worlds are made through breath.  Galaxies spiral in and out just like breath.  All expands outward, an entire cosmos in time scales that are impossible to conceive, and yet all will collapse upon itself and this will be like one breath within the body of a still greater being.

And for as small as that might seem, ALL are cherished.  ALL of it.  Every speck.  All the good, all the evil, all the stupidity and silliness and hurt and shame and regret for It knows it shall turn shining into wonder joy love and shamelesness and unbelievable bliss.  Such is the path of the godlings that you are becoming.

All of us.

In perfect timing.  Our own timing.