Its been a whirlwind week and just when I though things couldn’t get more interesting, they do.

The process of awakening, for me, has not been simply a dawning of an enlightened state, although looking back on it I can say that yes, there was this…..but in truth, this is just the start.  You can see, but can you be?  If you look back at our history over the last five thousand years you can begin to peer into your own past as well.  The past has been one rough tumble and in awakening all of this begins to be shed.  Or at least it is on offer.  A new world.  Inside of you.  Except once you get there, it is more like remembering what you always were. What seems amazing and magical eventually becomes part of the experience.  Yes, there is a magical world, and part of its answer lies in the physical mirror of your right brain.  You see, I think we have some built-in problems with the mystical world.  It seems so “out there” and thus, in our very left brained mode of being (humanity is VERY left brain leaning and for a VERY long time), we look at the right brain and think “oh what a bunch of weird woo-woo!”  But this is only because we either do not have any experience with it, or in our own ignorance we want to insert our own ideas or theories about it. On the one hand, this is good as long as it has some guidance.  In science, for example, the discipline asks for repeatable data. Back it up with more than just a theory; give it a spin and see how it holds up. IN other areas of life, we can easily just insert our own impulse to mythologize the phenomenon or say it is the will of God or ascribe things to it that FEEL right but may not be entirely on the mark. Once we do this, we institute a kind of dogma surrounding such things.  Awakening becomes a process of “downloads” for example. Now a “download” might be a good way to describe it, but really, what IS a download?  Is it simply intuitive information available to all?  Does it exist within a matrix of shimmering knowing that is beyond all time?  Is it akasha?  Upgrades in awakening work much the same.  DNA upgrades?  Really?  Okay, so if that is the case, lets get someone in on this to help balance the terms some.  If it is a DNA upgrade, lets find out more.  Wouldn’t THAT be a biggie for us, that our spiritual development is tied to something happening in our DNA?  For now, it is just a notion, and it could very well be one that bears some fruit, but if it off by a mile, then this is a pretty big misdirection…..

I know; I am being a bit of a pedant.  But hang on.  One more thing follows…

For woo-woo as the mystical experience might be or might be described as being, it happens to have a mirror in our physiology.  I know from the root to crown that the body is the soul in flesh.  They are connected.  One is not JUST a vehicle for the other.  I also know from all my years of studying creative states and being an artist myself that the balancing of the right and left brains assists in the union of the self in highly effective creative states.  The brain itself is a kind of loose model for the yin and yang energies, and not so long ago I received some information on how the energy that isn’t physical moves up the energy system of cakras and has an assured route to final union.  It rests in how the brain and nervous system are wired in us, and its quite fascinating.  It isn’t anything I have seen mentioned anywhere else so I am touching on it here and I am putting it in that book of mine because it helps to underscore that life is not out to get us but is actually designed to facilitate awakening.  When we can get honest with ourselves about WHY more aren’t waking up, we can then hone in on the issues that might help to bring the planet to a much more illuminated state of being.

As the Kundalini rises through subtle channels of the body, the mirror of the light body, the physical body, will respond immediately to any change taking place that isn’t even physical in nature. Thus, your thoughts and feelings actually have a huge impact on your physiology.  Or they can.  By having the giant carrot of the bliss ahead of you, you can actually learn how to ride that wave of bliss and also learn how to balance the body chemistry to facilitate this change coming into your awareness.

The right brain though IS the seat of the mystical experience.  Jill Taylor, a neuroanatomist, had the great luck of having a stroke that affected her left brain function to the point that large portions of it just shut down.  She describes her experience in a TED Talk.  The interesting thing about her experience is that she is describing the overwhelming experience of living in the mystical realm.  But this realm does not exist outside of us but is mirrored in our bodies.  If you listen closely to her story, you will see what a huge impact this had on her as a scientist.  She even says what many people who have had awakening experiences have said (including comedian Jim Cary), which is that she wished that the whole world could know this kind of experience.  Perhaps then, the world would be a vastly different place. I am including her talk link at the end of this post so you can see it if you haven’t already.

What is woo-woo is actually really quite physical and concrete.  It is here inside of us.  But how do we tap that?  How do we “wake up”?  I think one key is in knowing the right brain more.  The right brain has been shoved aside for a very long time.  I was talking to a chemistry colleague at the school where I teach part time and when we began talking about the right brain functions she said “that is what many people in my field call “he is on weed.” ”  What she was saying was that the right brain stuff is something they not only ignore, they shove aside because it all seems too weird and out there.  But wait, maybe that IS the problem; we need perhaps to bring that wild “weed” part of ourselves back into the picture and stop stomping it out with our left brained limited perspective. The seat of ego seems VERY oriented towards the left brain.  Afterall, when Taylor tried to identify certain objects, she could not.  Ego does the same thing. Isn’t it possible that ego has a kind of leaning in one hemisphere or another?  Is it possible that in using ego we tend to utilize kindred portions of the brain in order to give the ego some sense of existence?

The left brain is very much about seeing the details, the linear progression of an event in life or in identifying small elements and being able to examine them.  Great for the micro but bad for the macro view.  We need the right brain for that.  Then, beneath all of this is the nonphysical template of who and what we are beyond our bodies.  The physical helps to give voice to our souls. We aren’t here trapped in a body but are instead living in a body that expresses important aspects of who and what we feel we are at this point in evolution.  Through the wisdom of the right brain, though, we are limitless. Thus, in the right brain, we can expand beyond one small limited perspective into quite revolutionary new views.  Artists have been utilizing this since forever. Maybe a Campbell’s soup can isn’t the best use of this, but it is at least a start.

So I say yes, you have the magical side of the self which is mirrored in the right brain and the very practical side of yourself mirrored in the left.  This also corresponds with a vast realm of being that you are beyond space-time, going beyond all of what you are here and into new territory.  But it serves to mirror your energy.  As you remove the very real blocks in your body, you also free up your capacity to feel and know what you are deeper down. The secret is that you are not apart from the universe, so in knowing yourself in this way, you also stumble into knowing the universe.

So chew on that for a bit.  I wish I had time to do a good edit, but I just don’t have the time right now.

The events of the last week have shown me anew that what I thought I was can be at anytime reformed, infused, regenerated and augmented in surprising ways.  What you think you are is limited by how deep you can go. Let the mind go.  Let the rational mind go.  It wont leave you crazy or adrift.  Maybe you NEED to be a little adrift for a moment before you can begin to feel those incredible eddies of energy shimmer up through you. Perhaps in doing so you can see the opposite side to energy, which is that it can be commanded.  it can be used like a long distance device that bring you just what you need for the moment. Once you know how this quantum field phenomenon works, you will also be staring straight into the yin energy, into the Shakti, into the Mother, the Goddess, into the right brain.  She is on her way back to us.  Each of us.