It has been a whirlwind of activity lately, so no posting.  I don’t know how I am even going to bring all of this new material to the fore, if I do at all.  With all of it seeming to muscle its way to the forefront of my awareness as I try to sift and observe all of it and what the ramifications of this new material  could be, A simpler little element comes forward as a result of a quick read on some experiences with awakening in others.



I have been dealing with reading energy for a long time.  It came when I was 18 and I am now 48.  I have tested and parsed and studied it through my own perspective and experience and one thing I can tell you about the light body is that in my last leg prior to awakening, I became aware that my life became a study in how to build a greater capacity for energy in my body.  My light body.  This light body, which is composed of a vast network of “lines” carrying energy comprise the chakra system, the highway of life force and feeling and thought energy (even though I know you were taught the brain is in charge of all of this—there is more to it….much much more….)


I see abilities as any skill or ability.  There is talk that developing psi abilities is a trap for ego.  I can see how this could be, yes, but I also know that by understanding the feel of ego and its presence as it moves into awareness, you can become vigilant and at least help to keep it in check by being aware of how it sneaks up on you.  It requires a near-constant focus that keeps you out of the tendency ego has of identifying with the past and worrying about the future.  By allowing the junk just be the junk, you can see the steaming heap of your life and really not worry about it.  It was what it was.  The present give new opportunity as long as you do not get tricked into thinking you need to actually drag that heap into the present.  In so doing, you train yourself to keep ego at a safer distance.  By doing this, you also keep yourself more open to the broader flow of your being.  Ego is a gatekeeper, and is useful for very specific things, but in other areas, it fails miserably.  It makes you miserable. By not allowing the emergence of abilities to make you feel somehow important or good or bad, you can stay neutral.



This isn’t so hard to do.  And really, ego is always there.  You can’t kill it off.  You really can’t.  You can focus in different areas of your own consciousness.  Without ego you simply would not be able to identify between me and yourself.  While that could lead to an expansion of consciousness, it would also lose you in a way when dealing in THIS reality.  Being able to develop your capacities as a human being is important.  Being able to develop abilities that rest within the light body is also just as potentially important as learning to play the guitar, or to cook, or to parent, or teach, or sing, or to do math.  Psi abilities are just like this.  It requires, I have found, a capacity for being able to let go and allow the light body to build energy.  As you build your capacity for energy in that body through a simple flowing method, you can find that this energy brings with it abilities.  Intuition, sight, clairvoyance, claireaudience, reading auras, sensing energy, the capacity to move energy for healing purposes, to name a few.


As you build energy in the light body, the inner sensing of that body (think of it like a subtle version of your physical body that has senses for dealing with energy instead of physical matter), the chakras become sensitized and this leads to the opening of these centers in a rich and powerful way for you.  The more energy flowing, the more possible it is that you trip a threshold within that causes abilities to rise to the surface of awareness.  These can wax and wane, but all tend to come and go based on how you move energy in your light body.  The more charged you are, the more present these abilities can be.  This process can clear out blocks in the sensing centers which makes it more possible to utilize the sensing end of those centers for touching on the world of the energetic.  You enter an inspired state and stay there.  You do not come back down to earth, which you THINK you MUST do or is INEVITABLE.  None of this could be further from the truth, though. You just have to let go.  You do not GENERATE this energy, you tap it from the universal flow.  You allow yourself to feel joyous and alive.  You let go of dark moods, and you also let go of a sense that somehow you are limited.  You aren’t. I will tell you that for as much as some have said that one ought not be curious about abilities of this type, it has been my childlike curiosity and wonder, a very innocent sense of being, has been the very thing that has led me to places within myself that I don’t think I could have gotten to any other way.  I allowed it without realizing I was doing that.



Later on, I am going to address the second leg of the quantum universe and its effects.  At its core is a thesis of mine that I have not yet read about in the same way that I think is the core of understanding the universe and how it really does work but that has been hidden and obfuscated by our various viewpoints…from religious dogma to scientific dogma….to day to day dogma and belief….be they biases or incomplete perspective due to lack of experience in the area.  I will write more when I have the chance.  The result of years of experience has begun to coalesce into a vision that I suppose I had in my head for years but which is now beginning to live in my body and move me into new places of understanding based less on abstractions as they are in the moment by moment experience of an ever-expanding awareness and “understanding.” I use quotes simply because this understanding is not knowledge-based.  I have more to say, but for now….


Building these capacities is like placing or finding the rungs on a ladder within you.  By keeping ego in check, you can keep from being overdone with ego and enter more innocently into this world that will itself, if you focus, bring you to a new world of understanding.  It is a wild world, one which I think you will find that you knew existed all along but were perhaps too shy to cry it out to the world.  The realm of magic, or what we have come to call magic, is a touchstone to this “world” of experience.



Until that time, I bid you goodnight and best dreams…..