The term yoga means union. Awakening is union. If body movement assists this, then good.  What can you bring to a yoga practice that might help with the business of this union?  When awakening comes, it comes, and it did so for me as a result of resolving long standing issues in me that kept my energy tied in knots.  I let go the knots.  I let life be a mystery.  I really didn’t intend for it to go that way, but the universe conspired against me….which was really FOR me. I got the memo late and then realized none of this is on any kind of limited time line.  There are a LOT of people who are experiencing what I suppose is best described as spontaneous awakening or rising of kundalini.  I have my thoughts on this based on what came to me when I first awoke, a time when I did not know that this was even kundalini.  What I knew then from the source of this living energy was that this was something big that was going to grow.  I could feel the momentum back then.  Far from feeling alone, I was aware of the energy within the collective, within human awareness that was building in potential.  It wasn’t just me feeling a surge in me because when you awaken, you do not awaken to yourself, although this certainly is the case, you wake to a broader awareness, what some call nondual awareness.  The natural result is that it feels as though you are tied into a sea of energy on the planet, and the energy closest to our own experience is human consciousness (even though this too naturally connects to many other strands on the web of energetic awareness which is ultimately unlimited).  It felt as if some internet of my being sprung up.  I smiled when I thought of how close the internet and this network inside mirrored each other. I even came across someone who described it as the “inner-net”!  Perfect.  They get it.

So to aid you in yoga practice, I will say in innocence of yoga practice (I do not practice yoga….at least not yet) what it is that I have observed has been the main features and aspects of awakening for me.

Remove all that divides you.  Remove the resentments.  Let them go. These keep union at bay.  Sitting in the posture will do nothing if your light body is divided, and the path is not outside but inside.  Yes, body and mind go together, but THIS is more than just mind….it is supermind, superself, overself, and expands “beyond” the normal understanding and experience of the self as it is here on earth.  Let your feelings drop all of that old stuff, and what will come is relief.  Sweet relief.  Forgive. If you can.  What you cannot, hand over to a higher power and ask that IT heal it for you.  I will tell you that I did not buy into handing things over to a higher power, but I see how important that is now and have found some of the most difficult to heal issues healed by doing this very simple thing.  It requires that you be able to really hand it over like how you just sell a troubled asset just so it no longer….troubles you.  If you do so in grace, if you do so humbly, it can happen for you.

Surrender all that you can and become simple.  Do not be afraid if the temple of your being begins to topple.  If it does, it was not built on a perfect foundation. But don’t let yourself feel bad; this is entirely correctable.  Kundalini, when it comes, will love you so deeply and will, as it embraces you,  show you just where to lay those stones so your new temple will be perfect.  And it might just be that your temple becomes a simple hut.  Do not be surprised. It will be perfect, though, even if you were used to living a lavish life; this one will suit you much better even if it seems like it wont at first.  If you can trust the universe in this, the infinite wisdom it contains will bring you more surprises of a great nature than you could imagine.   But when you accept what it does for you, you will learn how perfect, how utterly perfect, the universe is in helping you get what is just right for you.  But to do this means laying aside ego some.

Let your pride go.  Let all of your positions, your anger, your investment in all that stuff go.  Do you have regrets about how your childhood went?  Ah, now there is some fertile ground just waiting to be plowed up and returned to productivity again.  Any feeling you have about how unfair the world has been to you is another place to begin. Yes, the world is unfair, it is what is.  But you will not know what is until you come to peace with all of that. When you do, you are able to supersede it, to move “above” it but while being more a part of it than you ever were before. I know that this may not make much sense, but it is a bit like learning how to animate your life, the world, in a whole new way.  It is a path to transformation.  Here, you literally can change the landscape around you, for the power of awakening is like this. So what do you want to do, seed the ground with regret or seed it with light?  Seed it while you are full instead of empty.  THAT is how you will change the world. To do this means getting it right in yourself, and when you do this, the law of attraction will see to it that the rest will follow.  You might not believe this, but when you awaken, you begin to occupy your life in a more present and energized fashion.  This increased awareness of presence has very definite effects on the events and people coming into your life.  You will see a more marked change at first as you resolve old issues, and things will change on a dime as you do.  Layer by layer, life will change as what you attract will also change based on where you are in awareness.  This is not just beliefs, but karmic issues which when resolved also result in a change in the landscape of your life.

It may seem like resolving karma is a big task, perhaps an elusive one, but it is not as difficult as you might think.  As you occupy your life in this new way with awakening, the threads will become increasingly clear to you.  You FEEL energy and karma carries its own thread-like energy which you can feel in various parts in your light body and even physical body. These resolve as blocks, and when you can release them by acknowledging them directly, they can be erased.  They can.  The idea that karma is some kind of punishment is a grave distortion of the truth.  There never WAS a punishment that we ourselves did not first exact on ourselves by removing ourselves from our divine nature.  THAT is the punishment and many have been putting this responsibility onto a deity ever since.  When you can face the truth in this simple way, you are so close to releasing mounds of material, you begin to wonder what you had been doing all these lifetimes.  Karma is a choice.  Getting into it was and getting out of it was. The way out is through forgiveness, and the most direct route is in forgiving yourself, not others.  There are reasons for this which I wont go into too deeply, but suffice it to say that if you think other people are responsible for how your life has gone, you are missing some important things that lie just beyond the next veil in your awareness.  I promise.  You wont fully realize this one until and unless you face the truth yourself enough times to begin to see the pattern.  No karma is ever resolved when you point to another as the reason.  YOU are the reason. Looking outside of yourself merely stalls the inevitable.

Just as the pulse of awakening moves through you and changes all of you, this same energy is suddenly circulating even more in the collective consciousness of humankind.  All who awaken awaken to the All.  You will see just what I mean by this.  And then you will perhaps realize that the path to real change is within. You can touch the entire world by touching the part of you that touches the infinite. This is why waking the infinite is so potent a way of being.  It is the authentic path that needs no methods or ways or techniques.  It is already here.  And it will come when you sit on a boat, or in a car, or while reading the newspaper.  It can come while you read this.  Or when you do yoga.  It will come the fastest when you simply realize or remember what it is that you are.  This involves letting down a veil in your awareness.  Doing this is an act of self love, one act among many, and is a series of acts that will deepen and inform your knowledge about just how deeply all of this goes.

Awakening is the energy of inspiration.  It is that moment of opening within you when you let in all that energy.  Awakening opens you just a little wider than normal so a much larger volume of this love can flow.  You have brushed up awakening whenever you feel the joy and even bliss of a great new discovery.  Awakening is like feeling this awareness or state remain and then build on itself.  This love, though, is not a feeling FOR something but is itself a force. You will feel it in your light body and physical body, as they are delicately intertwined.   We all yearn for this, all seek it.  Once it comes, seeking ends and becoming begins.  You will no longer feel normal.  You will no longer feel bored.  You will no longer feel ordinary.  Nor will life appear ordinary.  The dew will sparkle with magic, for you will now glimpse the magic that IS in all things, and this magic is what is in everything.  This magic is the very essence of  union and interconnectivity.  All life is built on this and it goes all the way down to the atomic level.  Hence, when you tap this in yourself, curious things can happen in life as though the energy in your cells are not communicating more clearly with the energy in the air surrounding you, the atoms in objects, in the local landscape.  This may seem or sound impossible or even crazy, yet there is truth in this and it is supported by the phenomenon that take place with those who are awake.  It is like a great secret, a mystery that once is discovered, remains a fresh mystery every moment.  There is no entire apprehension of this mystery but the delicious communing moment by moment with how it makes you feel. It is not the explosion of orgasm and release, but a steady building of orgasmic potential that now is no longer thrown away but is built every higher as the light body can handle more of it in its small frame.  Here, the energy centers are cleansed by the energy, and as you bid it come, it sweeps you and even moves ego if you let it.

The mind suddenly can go quiet in just such a place of being.  It is such a marvelous thing.  I could never do this before all of this started, and I certainly had a few interesting opportunities. My mind was a chatter with thoughts ordinarily.  But kundalini has stilled it for me.  A great silence can come when I do not need to be all a chatter with the world. I move from this chatter to utter silence and both have their place.  I simply am no longer a slave to the ramble-mind.  We just need this silence to witness the mystery which draws you into itself and reveals wonder.

Breath can help, but breath in the body is coincident with the intake of prana.  When you awaken you can bid it rise by bidding it.  No breathing necessary.  But until that day comes, breathing is a very good way to move energy.  And the breathing in one nostril and then the other?  Oh, yes.  This helps to stimulate an awareness of the two fields of energy that go to make up kundalini or awakening.  Shakti and Shiva.  Feminine and masculine inside of you.  Their presence will inform you of things in ways you may have never allowed yourself.  It can make you a better leader, a better lover and a more considered person.

Once the infinite wakes up inside, you will touch the infinite outside of you.  Awake to energy, all energy is everywhere.  Nonlocal, you have the cosmos literally at your fingertips.  I will admit that most of my time with it is spent in utter admiration of it instead of yoking it to some use.  But yoking it results in much better results than any other method for achieving what will bring you fulfillment.  Here, you can bid mountains to move.

You can change the world, but you must change yourself first.  Do that, and as you enter this field, the rest of us will come smiling, welcoming you like brilliant stars sparkling in the sky above you, as you enter this new life.

Awakening is union, and yoga is union.  This is yoga.  FEEL,  then you will inherit the kingdom.