Cool, wet, fluid, her spirit dances amongst the cool night of stars.  She speaks with the voice of the elk and dancers, who plucks the silk of spider threads for music and muses deep into the mystery of being.  Every flush caress of brush to paper brings an epiphany as the union of wet to dry brings worlds into being, a deep dialog of movement takes hold and something fresh emerges into the world.

The carefully crafted cells of energy, like nuts or flasks of fluid rise and coalesce through such creations, and the coolness is countered by a fiery magenta and purple that bleeds all outward from a still trembling realm within.  For ages this has been the blood of the Goddess, and it has been shed through silence and forgetting and ignorance, but She is alive in your hand and heart and is soon to explode into the world in ways we could scarcely imagine, but are here to help usher, create, midwife to the infinite.  Each cool cell made of silver is shifting as she feels the solar light cast upon her and a great warming fire enters in and all is turned to gold.  This, the beloved’s alchemy, does not ask one of the other, but All.  It does not say this or that, but all of it.  His lips are upon all that she is and honors and adores it in the entirety.  Skin and water and moon and stars and blackholes and paintings and wombs and pupils and lips and toes curled and eyes lowered but ablaze with her glory.  Inside each of us lies her secret curled, her own secret which bids new worlds to be born and which is nurtured by her wondrous love and brimming possibility.

We each are rendered into tantrics, a deep hidden veil which must keep the secret from view but not from the heart.  It is not to be gazed upon but to be filled by, a signpost to the infinite.  This, fuel distilled from the cosmos, presses us onward with such ease and perfection even as we stumble on our path to the promised land, it lifts us up and forgives and says “you were always perfect for you are divine….and if the divine stumbles than all stumble, for all are such as I…..”  The hands and heart of the Goddess are just this and most certainly we need more of it in this world so that the bloom of her spirit can water the poor dry hearts that have turned from her for so long that they have utterly forgotten that they have done so but thirst for her lifegiving spirit.  It is here where silver turns to gold and back again countless times as current moves from cool to warm, from yin into yang and then into a complete union where they are not two but two who never were two but one who is known as two.

Those precious cells will soon begin to grow to explode, static images upon a page will speak of their boundless life in worlds near our own where one nodule gives birth to limitless creations and all moves into from flow to torrent.  We should all be so a-mused, inspired, heady with making and creation, the touchstone to how all worlds come to be…..