Beautiful and perfect.



I am in love.

This is more than thoughts, patterns, phone calls, and familiarity. This is different from clever inter-plays, practiced reactions, fear, and anger. This transcends schedules, date nights, and wedding dresses. This is another realm entirely, a higher vibration, a place of wonder.

This is a feeling experience. I feel it with my whole body.

My chest is full and open at the same time, alive with sparkling gold energy. This energy moves through me in twists and torrents, gorgeously illuminating me from the inside out. I follow it, and allow it to burst in beautiful explosions inside my heart, shoulders, hands, fingers.

My solar plexus is melting open, and I express myself perfectly when I speak. Love is on my lips, in my words, the way I kiss. My cheeks pulse and my scalp tingles. My tongue is sweet and lucid in my mouth. Everything I say…

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